Types of Washing machines in India

The Washing Machine market in India is really big. A washing machine is a necessity rather than a luxury. Due to increased innovation in technology, there is a large variety of Washing Machine Products available in the market. This makes it difficult for the buyer to choose the right product. So in this article, I have explained in-depth the Types of Washing Machines in India and which is the best choice for you. 

1. Based on Automation

(A). Semi-Automatic Washing Machine

The most common type of Washing Machines used in Indian Households is Semi-Automatic. They are less costly than fully-automatic machines. Semi-automatic washing machines require some manual efforts.

This washing machine has two compartments. The large tub on the left-hand side is for washing the clothes and on the right-hand, there is a relatively smaller tub for drying the clothes. One will have to manually fill up the water in the washing tub and transfer wet clothes to dryer tub after the wash. In this way, washing clothes is more time-consuming in semi-automatic washing machines.

However, this machine does not require constant water supply so it can help you save water. Due to shortage of water supply in the rural regions, semi-automatic machines are more recommended. All models of this machine are top-load models.

Above all, this washing machine is more portable. You can easily move it around the house. All the controls of this machine are manual.

Cheap to buyManual efforts
Use less waterTime-consuming
PortableNo Child safety feature
Easy to repairNot suitable for old-aged people
Use less powerNeed More Space

Click to watch the complete tutorial on how to use a semi-automatic washing machine.

(B). Fully-Automatic Washing Machine

Fully-Automatic Washing Machines can do everything you need at the touch of a few buttons. There is only one washing tub in this machine which can wash as well as dry the clothes. Most importantly, fully-automatic washing machines are more suitable for people with busy schedules. It requires less energy and no manual efforts to do the laundry.

First of all, the fully-automatic washing machines are more expensive because they are hi-tech and more convenient to use. They have more features than semi-automatic washing machines.

Furthermore, they have a self-diagnosis system for easier error detection and service. These machines also have a better design. These can either be front-load or top-load. People can choose between front-load & top-load according to their needs and requirements.

However, fully-automatic machines are heavy and also need a constant water supply for washing clothes. Thus it is difficult to move them around the house. Buyers need to decide on a permanent place for fully-automatic washing machines. These machines do not require manual interference, as a result, there is no water spillage on the floor. So buyers can easily fix it at any place.

Above all, fully-automatic machines are more effective at removing stains. Most noteworthy, they are a better alternative for buyers if they want to save time & energy. Buyers only have to throw the dirty clothes in the tub and press a few buttons while the rest is taken care of by the machine itself.

Everything at the touch of a few buttonsExpensive to buy
More effective at removing stainsRequires direct water supply
No manual work requiredNot Portable
Child safety featureHigh maintenance charge
Suitable for old-aged usersUse more water

Click here to watch the complete tutorial on how to use a fully-automatic washing machine.

2. Based on Door

(A). Front-Loading Washing Machine

Another way to divide the types of washing machines is by location of the door. Front-loading washing machines have the door at the front side of the machine. Front-loading washing machines have no agitator and use paddles, as a result, they are very gentle on the clothes. Also, front-loading washing machines tend to be fully-automatic.

Top-load washing machines are more likely to damage clothes. In contrast, front-load washing machines cause much less wear & tear on clothes. Almost every front-load machine provides a feature to stabilize the internal drum hence, creating less noise. Furthermore, they come with additional features like child safety, quick wash, air-dry, etc. Front-load machines are more user-friendly.

However, the door on this machine needs to stay closed during the wash, therefore, you can’t add more clothes. They are expensive and have a high maintenance cost.

(B). Top-Load Washing Machine

In top-load machines, the door is at the top. You can only load clothes in washing tub from the top. These machines are cheaper in contrast to front-load. Top-load machines can either be semi-automatic or fully-automatic.

Top-load machines have less maintenance and service cost. They are more trustworthy as they have been around for a long time. The top-load washing machine does not require any special detergents for washing clothes. In contrast, Front-load washing machines need special detergents.

Above all, there is more variety available in top-load models. Therefore, buyers can choose according to their requirements. In my honest opinion, Top-load machines are ideal for buyers who have a low budget.

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