Best Washing Machines in India 2022

Are you looking for the Best Washing Machines in India for 2022? If yes, then you have come to the right place!

Remember scrubbing the heart out of your beloved clothes to remove that one nasty, difficult stain from your favorite apparels. No? The generation before ours probably does. That was, in fact, the case before the washing machine took over.


Best Washing Machines In India – Best To Buy

Washing Machine has made our lives simpler with their quick action, and has been one of the most popular electrical appliances in homes all over the world ever since. In this Total Reviews article, we have reviewed 8 best high-performance Best Washing Machine India.

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Best Washing Machine India For 2022

1. LG 6 kg Inverter Fully-Automatic Front-LoadingFront-Loading6Kg2 Yrs
2. IFB 6.5 kg Fully-Automatic Top LoadingTop Loading6.50Kg2 Yrs
3. Bosch 7 kg Fully-Automatic Front-LoadingFront-Loading7Kg2 Yrs
4. Samsung 6 kg Fully-Automatic Front-LoadingFront-Loading6Kg2 Yrs
5. BPL 7.2 kg Fully-Automatic Top LoadingTop Loading7.20Kg2 Yrs
6. Whirlpool 6.5 kg Fully-Automatic Top LoadingTop Loading6.50Kg2 Yrs
7. Haier 7.2 kg Fully-Automatic Top LoadingTop Loading7.20Kg2 Yrs
8. Godrej 6 kg Fully-Automatic Front-LoadingFront-Loading6Kg2 Yrs

How to Buy Washing Machine in India? [Video]

India isn’t far behind in stepping up the washing machine market. Washing Machines in India are becoming increasingly popular, owing to people’s need for an easier, hassle-free lifestyle. With increasing competition, they’ve become more affordable too.

The question then arises, which washing machine should one buy? Which of them all is in fact, the best washing machine? Which will get you the real feel of the best washing machine in India?

Well, there are a number of things that one needs to keep in mind while buying the perfect washing machine. Not every machine would fit the needs of every customer in the wide market.\

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Best Washing Machines India – (Semi & Fully Automatic) 2022

Here, we have for you, a compiled list of the best washing machine in India as of now. In 2020, these are the best washing machine that has dominated the markets. We have listed Best (Semi & Fully Automatic) Front & Top Load Washing Machines with the pros and cons to suit your preference.

LG 6 kg (FH0H3NDNL02, White) Inverter Fully-Automatic Front Loading Washing Machine (Best Washing Machine For Home Use)

This state-of-the-art front-loading washing machine is the answer to all your washing needs. With a 6kg capacity, this washing machine is fairly suitable for bachelors, as well as small families. The new touch panel adds a sleek and sophisticated touch to your home.


  • Fully-automatic front-loading washing machine
  • Capacity 6 kg: Suitable for bachelors and couples
  • Warranty: 2 years comprehensive warranty on product
  • 1450 RPM: Higher the spin speed, faster the drying time
  • Touch panel and 1000 rpm, 6 motion DD and smart diagnosis


  • Not suitable for large families
  • A bit high maintenance
  • Will take up more space

IFB 6.5 kg Fully-Automatic Top Loading – Best Washing Machine big family

This top-loading Washing machine has been tailor-made for Indian households, considering that a vast majority of them include big families. Its 7kg capacity can take in a big amount of clothes in one go. The Washing machine comes with a big display screen with easy controls for your convenience.


  • Fully-automatic top-loading washing machine
  • 8 wash programs
  • A big LED display screen is the new range of top loader washing machines will complement your home decor and you will definitely find them easy to use too
  • Aqua energy, aqua spa, 3D wash and triadic pulsator
  • Auto softener dispenser, bleach dispenser, lint tower filter and crescent moon drum
  • Smart sense, express wash and aqua conserve technology


  • The product may be left in an idle state owing to the brand’s tight schedule, which may delay the installation.
  • Water consumption is slightly high

Bosch 7 kg Fully-Automatic Front-Loading – Washing Machine

Bosch is famous for its pocket friendly and state of the art electronics. The brand does not stay behind in the washing machine market as well. This front-loading beast is the ultimate cleaning weapon for nuclear families, boasting a good 7kg capacity. It also comes with a 2-year product warranty as well as an extended 10-year warranty on the motor.


  • With a high spin speed of 1200RPM, the drying time is reduced significantly
  • Consumes less water and is thus environment friendly
  • Conveniently freshen up lightly-soiled laundry in just 15 minutes with Super 15 technology, which quickens the cleaning process to 15 minutes.


  • Cannot be self-installed due to the heavy instructions, would require after sales professional help.

Samsung 6 kg Fully-Automatic Front-Loading – Best Washing Machine in India 2020

When it comes to product quality, Samsung takes the lead in many factors, be it the build, or even the mobility. This classic Samsung machine is perfect for singles and couples alike, for its 6kg capacity gracefully meets their needs. It comes with a 2-year product warranty as well as a 5-year motor warranty.


  • Fully-automatic front-loader
  • 800 RPM, which reduces drying time significantly
  • Digital Inverter technology
  • Aqua stop feature
  • Silver wash for delicate items
  • User-friendly display


  • The machine has a significantly heavy build, which makes it difficult for a single person to move.
  • Self-Installation is not possible

BPL 7.2 kg Fully-Automatic Top Loading – Washing Machine

Go for this one if you are on a tight budget, as this is the best deal one could get. This top loader has a capacity of 7.2kgs, which makes it ideal for a majority of Indian households with nuclear families. It boasts a sleek digital display, which acts as a cherry on the cake.


  • Fully-automatic
  • Large capacity
  • 1-year comprehensive warranty
  • Faster drying time: 1000 RPM
  • Diamond cut stainless steel tub
  • Digital display
  • Logic control


  • Manual installation not possible due to a heavy built
  • Lower than average after sales services have been notices
  • Comparatively lesser warranty period

Whirlpool 6.5 kg Fully-Automatic Top Loading – Washing Machine

The melodious Whirlpool jingle is still fresh in our minds. The household appliance giant is one of the leading manufacturers of washing machines in the country. This one is considered one of the best within the range in the washing machine market. It is ideal for small families, as well as couples and bachelors. The top-loading machine is friendly to the pockets as well.


  • 10 Year warranty on motor
  • 6th Sense State of the art Technology
  • The unique design provides 3 surfaces to scrub your clothes to give you whitest whites in any condition
  • 12 Wash Programs to cater to your different washing needs
  • Hard Water wash – 30% better wash even in hard water conditions
  • All you need to do is press 3 buttons, and the Washing machine’s intelligence will take over to deliver the perfect wash
  • The Spa Drum feature ensures that your clothes get a gentle wash.


  • Manual Installation not possible
  • Poor after sales services have been noticed by the customers

Haier 7.2 kg Fully-Automatic Top Loading Washing Machine

Haier is yet another electronics giant, with quality products which come with a pocket-friendly price tag. This top-loading Washing machine comes with a massive 7.2kg capacity, which makes it ideal for larger households. With 8 different wash programs, this Washing machine is well recommended for Indian homes.


  • Fully-automatic
  • 2 years warranty on the product and an extended 10-year warranty on the motor
  • 720 RPM ensures a fast-drying time
  • Near zero pressure technology and double level spin tub
  • Double magic filter and air-dry technology
  • Memory backup and reserve water after wash


  • Below average customer service has been noted by many users

Godrej 6 kg Fully-Automatic Front-Loading Washing Machine

Godrej has been a classic old-timer in the electronics industry, and once even dominated the television advertisement industry. The brand offers a sleek design in their new washing machine, which with a 6kg capacity, is perfect for small sized washing loads, mostly preferred by bachelors and couples.


  • Fully-automatic
  • Warranty: 2 years comprehensive warranty
  • Faster drying time with 1000 RPM
  • Eco-balance system
  • Foam protection
  • Energy efficient


  • Manual installation not possible
  • Does not possess a child lock feature
  • A bit heavy on the pockets when it comes to maintenance

Best Washing Machines – Reviews Guide 2022

Which are the Best Washing Machines In India for your home? This Total Reviews article will help you make your decision in finding the best washing machine in India. You can buy a Washing machine online or offline where ever you get the best price.

Technology has changed the way families do house chores. If there’s one appliance that every home needs, its the washing machine, making it faster, easier, and cheaper to keep your clothes clean.

Getting the best washing machine is a priority. Stay tuned as in this article we’ll bring you the five best washing machines available in the Indian market if you want to find the best prices and more information about the products mentioned in this article. You can check the links provided with the respective products.

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Best Washing Machines Reviews

LG 8.0 Kg Inverter Fully-Automatic Front Loading Washing Machine

LG New FH2G6TDNL42 Front Load washing machines with 6 Motion Direct drive enables different Wash Programs for effective wash quality.

The machine smartly senses fabric types & offers different washes for different types of clothing. Other features include: Inverter Control,Rinse Hold, Smart Diagnosis System, Tub Clean, Rinse Hold, Baby Care,Crease Care.

Here are LG 8.0 kg Inverter Fully-Automatic Front Loading Washing Machine worth mentioning features:

  • 6 Motion Control Technology: Select a wash program and 6 Motion Direct Drive technology moves the wash drum in multiple directions, giving fabrics the proper care while getting clothes ultra clean.
  • Inverter Direct Drive: LG Front load has its motor attached directly to the drum that reduces the noise, vibration, and the Wear and Tear.
  • Heater: Get rid of stubborn stains and allergens. The Heater can heat water up-to 95°C to remove any type of stain.
  • Auto Restart: Power has gone? Trust us, your machine cycle will start exactly from the same cycle where it had stopped when the power is back.
  • Baby Care: With the baby care feature the temperature reached up-to 95 °C. All enzymes & bacteria are removed, also the gentle motor takes care of the clothes. Also, no detergent residue remains in the clothes.
  • Self Diagnosis: Any problem with your washing machine? Just connect it to the SmartThinQ app and know the problem. You can diagnose up to 86 errors.
  • Waterproof Touch Panel: No more drying of wet hands. We have a waterproof touch panel with a seamless design.
  • Child Lock: This washing machine is not for a child’s play. Disable its control panel with a Child Lock and keep its settings safe.
  • Stainless Steel Drum: It’s not plastic. So, no bacteria. No germs. It’s stainless steel. Still, no rust. Only a long life.
  • Tub Clean: It heats water at 85°C and your tub is clean along with the drum. Later, the dirt and water stains are removed with RPM speed.


  • Stainless Steel drum.
  • Child lock features.
  • Inbuilt heater.
  • Saves water, energy, and time.


  • Comparatively heavy.

IFB 8 Kg Fully-Automatic Front Loading Washing Machine (Best Compact Design Machine)

A front-load washing machine that makes good use of a superior Air Bubble Wash System which first creates and then releases agitated air bubbles into the water flow system to deliver a good cleaning job.

Aqua energie system to treat hard water: If an area is supplied hard water, using the IFB Senator Aqua SX washing machine may just prove to be the right remedy for it works by infusing a special Aqua Energie System that treats hard water.

A look at its features-

  • Child lock: Freezes the machine’s settings to prevent children from playing with them.
  • Air Bubble Wash: Millions of air bubbles go deep into the fabric to tickle and tease stubborn dirt out. A real treat for your clothes!
  • Aqua Energie: Water is energized by this built-in device. The filter treatment dissolves detergent better to give clothes a softer wash.
  • User-Friendly LCD Display: A large display informs you of the program chosen, current wash cycle, etc.
  • Silk Special: Trust this program to take immaculate care of your favorite Kanjeevaram.
  • Ball Valve Technology: The float ball valve lets the water out while keeping the detergent in. This technology prevents wastage and enhances the wash.
  • Crescent Moon Drum: Smooth crescent moon grooves on the drum surface create a gentle water cushion that prevents damage to fabrics.
  • 3D Wash System: A dynamic water system for your laundry. Soaks clothes thoroughly to deliver an excellent wash.
  • High Low Voltage Protection: Voltage fluctuations are continuously monitored. If the voltage goes above or below safe levels, the program pauses and resumes only when levels stabilize.
  • Laundry Add: Put in the missed laundry after the wash cycle has started.
  • Auto Balance System: Unbalanced clothes are automatically detected and redistributed to maintain a consistent and stable wash.
  • Time Delay: Delay the start of the wash cycle as convenient. Starts the wash cycle from 30 minutes to 24 hours later.


  • Washing blankets is possible.
  • High rpm that ensures drier clothes.
  • Facility to add fabric softener.


  • Requires a tap of a specific size during installation.

Bosch 7 Kg Fully-Automatic Front Loading Washing Machine

If you are looking for a large size Fully automatic washing machine with numerous features than buy Fully Automatic Front Loading Washing Machine model number WAK24268IN from Bosch.

he washing machine comes with 7.0 kg capacity and ten-year warranty on the product. It comes with a large LED display with full electronic dial for your easy operation. This washing machine also features foam detection system and multiple water protection option.

A brief description of its features-

  • Unlock and Reload: Our Reload Function allows you to open the door early in the cycle to add or remove the items.
  • Fresh laundry in 15 mins: Conveniently freshen up lightly-soiled laundry in just 15 minutes with the Super 15/ 30 min program.
  • Values your time and clothes: Get laundry done in up to 65% less time without comprising of wash results.
  • Less noise more peace: The antiVibration design on the sidewalls gives you a quieter wash.
  • Powerful, silent, and built to last: Our friction-free EcoSilence drive motor minimizes any heat and wear-out, giving powerful results.


  • Prompt after-sales service.
  • Excellent features to ensure a perfect wash.
  • Saves time, water, energy, and thereby, money.


  • Spare parts are expensive.

Samsung 6.0 Kg Inverter 5 Star Fully-Automatic Front Loading Washing Machine (Best Performance)

Samsung WW60R20GLMA/TL washing machine comes with a diamond drum that features a unique “soft curl” design with smooth, diamond-shaped ridges that’s gentle on your clothes.

Its small water exit holes also mean fabric is less likely to be trapped and damaged. For the ultimate in convenience, Eco Drum Clean technology keeps your front load washer fresh without using harsh chemicals.

A brief introduction to its features are as follows:-

  • Hygienically clean: A powerful Hygiene Steam cycle improves the cleaning quality of the wash.
  • Digital Inverter: Digital Inverter Technology utilizes strong magnets for a quieter and more powerful performance.
  • Energy Efficiency: Energy-star certified, so you can save money by conserving energy.
  • Gentle Fabric Care: Protect your clothes from being damaged. The Diamond Drum’s unique “soft curl” design washes clothes very effectively while treating them with care.
  • Ceramic Heater: The Ceramic Heater protects itself from the build-up of water scale deposit.
  • Delay End: The Delay End feature lets you preset a wash cycle’s ending time.
  • Child Lock: Make your washing machine safe from children’s activities.
  • Quick Wash Mode: The Quick Wash Programme is the perfect solution for your busy life.
  • Cotton Fabric Wash Mode: Cotton Wash is for cotton, bed linens, table linens, underwear, towels, or shirts.
  • Wool Fabric Wash Mode: Wool Wash is specific for machine-washable wool for loads less than 2.0 kg.
  • Delicate Wash Mode: Select for delicate items such as sweaters, cardigans, or wool clothes.


  • Energy-efficient.
  • Excellent washing performance.
  • The diamond drum prevents damage to clothes.


  • The dial does not have a marker.

Haier 5.8 Kg Fully-Automatic Top Loading Washing Machine (Best Value For Money)

Washing clothes by hand is never a good way because you can never get your clothes to be absolutely clean and the tremendous time and effort that you have to devote become absolutely worthless. The need for a machine that would solve all your washing problems is, therefore, heartfelt.

The Haier Automatic Top Loading Washing Machine brings all the exciting features to solve your problems. The washing machine comes with effective usage and adequate tech support which makes it a perfect option for modern-day use and gives a perfect solution for daily use ensuring all your garments are washed according to your needs.

Here are it’s amazing features –

  • Six Washing Programs: There are six washing programs, with separate programs for cotton, synthetic, mix, ECO, pre-wash, quick wash, daily wash, rinse and spin. Additionally, it includes options for memory function, spin speed, rinse cycle and rinse hold, quick wash, half-load, and drain.
  • Digital Display: The machine is equipped with a multi-segment display that updates you regarding each and every process of the wash cycle. It includes options for memory function, spin speed, rinse cycle and rinse hold, quick wash, half-load, and drain.
  • Quadra Flow Pulsator: In this method, the clothes do not get tangled, and also, the detergent reaches every part of the clothes, thus ensuring a perfect cleaning.
  • Fuzzy Logic Control: Hi-tech sensors automatically measure the load of the clothes and the washing time the machine will need, it works when it is turned on.
  • Quick Wash Function: The machine has a Quick Wash function that washes your clothes quickly, without consuming too much time. You can schedule your laundry at a later time and wash the clothes at your convenience.
  • Stainless Steel Drum: The drum is made of stainless steel that has high resilience to withstand high spin speeds. This makes it a durable unit suitable for heavy loads and regular use.
  • Rust-free Body: This washing machine has a plastic exterior. This makes it resistant to rust formation and enables an easy cleaning facility for better maintenance of the unit’s hygienic standard and durability.
  • Spacious Unit: This smart unit has a spacious depth that offers an overall storage capacity of 5.8 kg. The top-loading facility makes it easy and convenient to load your laundry at waist height. The lid is made with toughened glass, giving you a clear view of the clothes that are being washed.
  • Memory Backup: Equipped with a memory backup function, the machine will resume washing from where it was abruptly stopped in the event of electrical failure, disrupting the wash cycle.
  • 700 RPM: With a maximum rotational speed of 700 RPM, it delivers efficient cleaning. This high spin speed enables easy drainage of water at the end of the wash cycle.
  • Auto Power-off: When the unit senses that the wash cycle has been completed, it will automatically switch itself off. This convenient and innovative function allows for better water and electricity conservation.
  • Compact Size: This model is of a size and capacity suitable for household use. Its compact size makes it easy to fit in tight spaces. It stands sturdy on four feet, which forms a sound foundation to ensure optimum weight support and stability.


  • Compact appliance.
  • One of the best machines to do a quick job.
  • Good washing performance.


  • The Control panel needs improvement.

Should I buy Washing Machine Online?

If you are planning to buy Washing Machine online, then don’t worry because it is completely safe to buy it online. There are many benefits of buying the Washing Machine online, See the benefits below:

  • You will get a good amount of discounts.
  • You can Exchange your old items.
  • Easy Return Options, if things goes wrong.
  • Product Delivery at your Door step, no need to worry about transportation, save your precious time.
  • No need to bargain with salesmen who try to sell their most profitable products to you.

Things to Look For While Buying a Washing Machines in India

Lifestyle Choices

Washing machines are a long-time investment and they need to run for at least 8-10 years. Before you look at the best washing machines in India for 2020, look into these factors before making a purchase:

  • Frequency of washing clothes
  • What intensity of washing do your clothes need?
  • How much are you willing to spend?
  • Are you looking for a high ended machine?
  • These questions will in turn help you ease down on your choices once you hit the stores.

Top vs Front Load washing machine Which is Best?

Depending on your demographics, you need to choose between a top loading or a front-loading washing machine. A top-loading Washing machine is simpler to use, pocket-friendly, and requires less space. On the other hand, a front-loading washing machine requires more space, is a little high maintenance and a bit more expensive.

However, they consume less water, electricity, and detergent. A top-loader is advisable for people living alone, or aged people, since it eliminates the bending factor, whereas a front loader is advised for a big family.

Semi-Automatic vs Automatic washing machine Which is Best?

A Semi-Automatic washing machine is exactly how the name suggests, partially automatic and requires some amount of manual effort, as it’s equipped with two tubs. One tub is for washing while one is for drying. They are thus, bigger in size but favorable to pockets.

As far as fully automatic Washing machines are concerned, they’re equipped with one tub, which is used for both, washing and drying. Manual work isn’t required. You know you’re done when the Washing machine beeps. They are a bit more expensive but extensively popular in Indian households nowadays.

Size and Capacity

The capacity and size of your Washing machine will depend on your frequency of using it, as well the amount of laundry washed at once. A big family with kids would require a Washing machine with a large capacity. However, if you live alone with less laundry usage, a small 5-6kg Washing machine would suffice, and save water as well.


The price of a Washing machine depends on its size, features, capacity and depending on whether it’s a front or top-loading, semi-automatic or automatic Washing machine. But if you know your budget, it’ll be easier to decide which one to buy. Well, you can find one starting from as low as Rs 5K and as high as Rs 80,000 or more.

Typically, a semi-automatic will cost you anywhere between Rs 5500 to Rs 17,000. A fully automatic top-loading can range between Rs 8,000 to Rs 36,000 and the front-loading anywhere between Rs 13,000 to Rs 80,000. We suggest you to save up for your best washing machine experience.

Washing Machines Technologies

  • Express Wash:- Saves precious seconds of yours. Designed to wash your laundry under 60 minutes, keeping the results pristine perfect.
  • Anti Vibration Design:- Reduces vibrations and ensures greater stability.
  • Vario Drum:- It is built to be tough on stains and gentle on your clothes. Specially designed to protect your delicate fabrics.
  • Active Water:- ActiveWater saves water with multiple load sensors for automatic adjustment of the water level by sensing the laundry weight and fabric.
  • Eco Perfect:- Reduces power consumption and helps save money.
  • Volt Check:- Design to deal with fluctuations and interruptions in power supply. It resumes from the last wash cycle when stable power is available.
  • Low Water Pressure:- It is working on low water pressure of 0.3 bar, making it ideal for places where water pressure is an issue.
  • Low Noise Level:- Now have a peaceful laundry even at night with low noise level, as low as 49 decibels.
  • Reload Function:- It allows you to open the door early in the cycle to add or remove laundry easily.
  • Child Lock:- The Child Lock safety feature enables locking of all the keys to prevent setting from being changed by a child.
  • 3D Wash System:- A dynamic water system for your laundry. Soaks clothes thoroughly to deliver an excellent wash.
  • Crescent Moon Drum:- Smooth crescent moon grooves on the drum surface create a gentle water cushion that prevents damage to fabrics.
  • Ball Valve Technology:- The float ball valve lets the water out while keeping the detergent in. This technology prevents wastage and enhances the wash.
  • High Low Volatge Protection:- Voltage fluctuations are continuously monitored. If voltage goes above or below safe levels, program pauses and resumes only when levels stabilise.
  • Laundry Add:- Put in missed laundry after the wash cycle has started.
  • Auto Balance System:- Unbalanced clothes are automatically detected and redistributed to maintain a consistent and stable wash.
  • Time Delay:- Delay the start of the wash cycle as convenient. Starts the wash cycle from 30 minutes to 24 hours later.
  • Smart Diagnosis:- Any problem with your washing machine? Just connect it to the SmartThinQ app and know the problem. You can diagnose up to 86 errors.
  • Baby Care:- For Non-Allergenic Clothes Germ-free clothes for your Babies. Keeping water at 40°C for 15 minutes and then at 60°C removes enzymes, bacteria and detergent residue.

Benefits of Best Washing Machines in India

The featured washing machines on this list have a one-up over the others in case of features. Most of the best washing machines of 2020 have been fitted with these new bells and ribbons. A few extra features one can be on the lookout for are:

Automatic Dispensers

This is a useful feature for those who never understand the amount of detergent to be added. An automatic dispenser puts in the correct amount of detergent so you don’t have to measure manually.

Sound Dampening

If you hate those noisy Washing machines, this is one feature that you should definitely look for. Yes, there are soundproof washing machines available in the market and they’re just perfect for those who’ve placed their washers in the kitchen or bedroom.

Quick Wash

This option can really hurry up with the washing cycle without sacrificing on its performance.

Best Washing Machine Brands in India in 2020

LG washing machines – This brand won the title of ‘Most trusted brand of India’. LG brings the latest technology in the country. LG continues to give tough competition to other brands by providing the perfect blend of innovation & technology in home appliances range. Besides, LG washing machines tend to be more durable & comes with advanced features.

IFB washing machines – IFB is the only Indian brand that gives tough competition to international brands. And, the fully-automatic washing machine models of this brand are quite promising in terms of quality. IFB is an economical brand as it provides high-end washing machines at reasonable prices.

Samsung washing machines – Samsung India is a leading brand of high tech Consumer Electronics and Home Appliances Products in the country. Samsung differentiates its products from the competition by bringing in the world’s best design and technology to India.

Whirlpool washing machines – Home appliances of Whirlpool in India are popular for its superior durability. Also, whirlpool provides a good variety in top-load fully automatic & semi-automatic washing machines. Whirlpool washing machines have compact designs & unique features.

All of the above brands are most popular in India for washing machines. Brands like Bosch & Siemens are also preferred by Indian customers. However, other brands have more market share.

Now you know about the best washing brands in India. Let’s dive deep into the in-depth washing machine buying guide.

Washing Machine Buying guide

Now you know the Best Washing Machines In India in 2020.  After that, the next important question is How do I choose a washing machine?

Hence, we have prepared this ultimateand best washing machine buying guide for you. This buying guide aims at giving you enough information and buying tips so that you can make the best decision. 

First of all, we will help you decide the type of washing machine. After that, we will help you decide the washing machine capacity. Also, we will help you understand the latest technologies in the washing machine. 

Most importantly, we will give you a checklist of features that you should look for in the washing machine. Finally, we will answer the most frequently asked questions about the washing machine. The goal of this buying guide is to help you make a purchase that you will not regret.

Fully Automatic vs Semi-Automatic Washing Machines

(A). Fully-Automatic Washing Machines

Fully-Automatic Washing Machines can do everything you need at the touch of a few buttons. Firstly, there is only one washing tub in this machine which can wash as well as dry the clothes. Secondly, the word ‘automatic’ implies that the washing machine can wash & dry clothes by an automated program. So, you don’t have to put in manual efforts to wash clothes.

You just have to press a few buttons and rest is taken care of by the washing machine itself. Also, these machines have modern technology and great features. Therefore, these washing machines are more expensive as they are hi-tech and more convenient to use. 

Best Washing Machines in India 2022 Total Reviews


  • Everything at the touch of a few buttons
  • More effective at removing stains
  • No manual work required
  • Child safety feature
  • Suitable for old-aged users
Best Washing Machines in India 2022 Total Reviews


  • Expensive to buy
  • Requires direct water supply
  • Not Portable
  • High maintenance charge

In conclusion, Fully-automatic machines are ideal for people who have a high budget & busy schedule. As you don’t have to put in manual efforts, you will save a lot of time. Also, we recommend fully-automatic washing machines instead of semi-automatic to old age buyers.

(B). Semi-Automatic Washing Machines

The most common type of Washing Machines used in Indian households is Semi-Automatic. This washing machine has two compartments. One compartment is for washing clothes while the other is for drying clothes. Moreover, a semi-automatic washing machine requires manual efforts.

For instance, you will have to manually fill up the water in the washing tub and transfer wet clothes to the dryer tub. But these washing machines are less expensive than fully-automatic.

On the other hand, a fully automatic washing machine has a direct water supply. Hence, the water fills up automatically in the wash drum. After that, you press a few buttons and the wash cycle starts. After the wash cycle, the water is also drained automatically and the spin cycle starts to dry the clothes

But the Semi-automatic have basic features. That’s why these washing machines are less expensive. However, they use less water & electricity.

Best Washing Machines in India 2022 Total Reviews


  • Cheap to buy
  • Use less water
  • Portable
  • Easy to repair
  • Use less power
Best Washing Machines in India 2022 Total Reviews


  • Manual efforts
  • Time-consuming
  • No Child safety feature
  • Not suitable for old-aged people
  • Need More Space

In conclusion, semi-automatic washing machines are ideal for people with lower budgets & who have extra time to put in manual efforts. It is also best for regions where power & water shortage are serious issues. However, we do not recommend these for old-aged buyers.

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Front Load vs Top Load Washing Machines

There are two types of washing machines based on the location of the door called Front Loading & Top Loading washing machines.

(A). Front-Load Washing Machines

As the name suggests, Front-loading washing machines have the door at the front side of the machine. Most importantly, these washing machines have no agitator and use paddles, as a result, they are very gentle on the clothes. Also, all front-loading washing machines are fully-automatic. Therefore, they are also expensive.

However, these washing machines are more user-friendly. Also, they cause less damage to clothes during wash as compared to top-load.

The major drawback is that the majority of front-load washing machines do not have the Laundry Add feature. Hence, you can’t add clothes during the wash as the door stays closed. Only a few premium washing machines have the Laundry Add feature.

(B). Top-Load Washing Machines

In top-load machines, the door is at the top. Hence, you can only load clothes in the washing tub from the top. Also, these machines are less expensive in contrast to front-load. Top-load machines can either be semi-automatic or fully-automatic.

The top load washing machines are easy to load as the door is located at the top. In contrast, the front-load washing machine requires bending to load and unload clothes. Therefore, top-load washers are recommended for old age people.

Moreover, one major advantage of the top-load washing machine is that the maintenance and repair cost is less as compared to Front-Load.

The door is located at the front.The door is located at the top.
It has advanced features. Hence, it’s more expensive to buy.It has less advanced features. Hence, it’s less expensive
Front-Load washers need more space.Top-load washers need less space.
Front-Load washing machine causes less wear & tear.Top-Load washers can cause more damage to clothes.
A front-load washing machine has high maintenance & repair costA top-load washing machine has low maintenance & repair costs.

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Washing Machine Capacity

There are a variety of washing machines available in a different capacity in the market. Hence, we will here tell you about things that you should consider while choosing the right capacity washing machine for your home. 

You have to keep in mind that:

1. If you buy a washing machine that is too small, you will have to load & wash clothes multiple times. Hence, doing your laundry will be more time-consuming.

2. If you buy a big washing machine, the half-empty drum will waste water & energy. 

Therefore it is very important to choose the right size according to your requirements. So, you should consider the amount and the kind of clothes that you wash and the space these items occupy in the wash drum.

Washing Capacity Guide

5-6.2 Kg1-2 (best for bachelors)
6.5-8 Kg3-4 (suitable for middle-sized family)
8 Kg capacity or more5 members or more (suitable for large families)

Washing Machine Technologies

Nowadays, there is a lot of competition among some good brands in washing machines. Hence, every brand is trying to outperform the other by providing the latest innovative wash technologies. So, here we will explain in detail the latest washing machine technologies available in the market.

Inverter Technology

In a normal washing machine, the motor runs at the same speed irrespective of the load inside the machine. These washing machine machines only work at greater efficiency when you load the optimum amount of clothes.

But, the problem is that you do not have the same amount of load every time you do your laundry. Hence, the normal washing machine will run at the same speed irrespective of the fact that the load is low or high. In contrast, washing machines with inverter technology adjusts the speed according to the load.

Therefore, inverter technology increases efficiency and reduces running costs by using exact operations to wash clothes.

Direct-Drive Technology

Click here to watch the video from official LG YouTube channel & understand Inverter Direct Drive

The conventional washing machines have parts like gears and belts. However, in the case of direct drive technology, you find an absence of gears, belts, pulley, etc. The motor is attached directly to the drum in the direct-drive technology.

Moreover, direct-drive technology uses strong magnets which reduces friction in the motor. Therefore, less friction causes your washing machine to run smoothly. So, there is no noise & vibrations.

Brushless motors have a small number of moving parts, giving them a longer lifespan. Best washing machine brands like LG provides a combination of both Inverter & Direct Drive Technology to increase the durability of the product.

Innovative Washing Technologies

All the major brands are trying to compete with each other by coming up with innovative solutions. Therefore, the latest washing machines in the market come with different types of wash technologies to clean clothes thoroughly and remove tough stains. Each major brand like Lg, Whirlpool, Samsung, IFB, etc. are providing different wash technology as there USP.

Let’s discuss some of the latest washing technologies in detail.

  • 6 Motion DD Technology
  • Eco Bubble & Air Bubble Wash
  • Steam Wash
  • Spa Wash

The 6 Motion Direct Drive technology comes with LG washing machines. This technology rolls the wash drum in 6 different types of motion. The Stepping, Filtration and Scrubbing motions are for powerful washing. However, the Tumble, Rolling & Swing motions are for soft washing. So, more motion ensures better cleaning. Therefore, this technology is very effective at removing tough stains. Also, in contrast to conventional washing machines, 6 Motion Direct Drive washing machines are high-efficiency machines that cut energy costs and water consumption.The Eco bubble wash technology comes with the latest Samsung fully-automatic washing machines. With this technology, the detergent is turned into bubbles that enter fabric and removes dirt easily. Hence, the eco bubble technology provides a powerful but gentle cleaning performance. Also, it washes clothes effectively even in cool water (15°C). Therefore, this technology also plays a role in energy-saving as you don’t have to heat up the water before the wash to remove stubborn dirt. Besides, IFB also provides a similar feature called ‘Air Bubble Wash’. This feature helps in producing millions of air bubbles that go deep into the fabric to tickle and extract stubborn dirt out of the clothes.Steam wash technology is an advanced feature only available in a premium washing machine. It sterilizes bacteria and removes dust mites, pet & pollen allergen from your clothes. Hence, the steam wash is for ensuring the hygienic wash of your clothes. Samsung & LG provides the feature of Steam Wash. So, a powerful steam cycle releases steam from the bottom of the drum. Hence, every item in the wash drum is thoroughly saturated. Besides, it increases the wash quality. This feature is for extra care of your delicate clothes. Moreover, Samsung states that its Hygenic Steam feature removes ingrained dirt and 99.9% of bacteria and inactivate allergens.Spa wash is the latest technology by Whirlpool that delivers the perfect wash with 40% less tangling because of it’s specially designed excellent move and drum combination. Hence, the wash drum contains 50% fewer holes in contrast to the normal drum. Therefore, it gives a gentle wash without tangling. Also, it reduces the amount of lint generated in the wash process. This new Spa wash system delivers the whitest white wash possible.

Wash Drum Technologies

The Wash Drum plays a very important role in ensuring excellent washing performance. The Wash Drum spins in different types of motions to clean clothes thoroughly. Hence, washing machine brands try to come up with innovative wash drum technologies to increase washing performance.

Nowadays, washing machine brands have experimented with the design of the wash drum to increase wash quality. The aim behind this is to improve scrubbing to remove tough stains. Therefore, they have come with different types of wash drum designs.

So, let us explain in detail about different wash drum technologies provided by different washing machine brands in India.

  • VarioDrum
  • Diamond Drum

You can find VarioDrum technology in Bosch washing machines. We know that the buyers are worried about the damage that the washing machine can cause to the delicate clothes. As a result, they decide to wash some clothes with hands instead of using the washing machine. But, with the VarioDrum you don’t have to worry about damage as it is specially designed to clean clothes thoroughly without causing harm to fabrics. It has a wave droplet drum surface. Hence, it cleans clothes gently. Also, the smooth beveled drum surface prevents your clothes from snagging.You can find the diamond drum in Samsung washing machines. Samsung has designed this drum to prevent the clothes – cotton, silk, wool, denim, jeans, fabric, etc. from sticking to the walls of the wash drum. The Diamond Drum features a unique “soft curl” design with smooth, diamond-shaped ridges that’s gentle on your clothes. Therefore, it helps in preventing damage to clothes while washing. With the Diamond Drum, the holes are both 25% smaller and located deep within each diamond-shaped depression. Hence, they are less likely to be trapped and damaged. Moreover, it has been proved by the test that the Diamond Drum is 34% less likely to expose the textile area to the harmful effects of washing as compared to the conventional washing machine.

  • Crescent Moon Drum
  • TurboDrum

You can find the crescent moon drum in premium IFB washing machines. IFB provides a wash drum with small & smooth crescent moon grooves on the drum surface (see the picture below). As a result, they create a gentle water cushion in the wash drum. Therefore, it helps in preventing damage to clothes & also cleans clothes properly.You can find the Turbo Drum feature in some LG washing machines. Turbo Drum is a unique technology that gives you a perfect wash. With the Turbo Drum, the drum & pulsator rotates in the opposite direction. As a result, it reduces the tangling of clothes & gives a powerful wash. Also, it increases the life of the washing machine. Turbo Drum washing machine is less susceptible to wear and tear giving more durability. Moreover, Turbo Drum creates a strong water stream to remove stubborn dirt.

crescent moon drum
IFB’s Crescent Moon Drum

Soaking & Drum Sanitization Technologies

The latest soaking & drum sanitization technology improves the overall efficiency & effectiveness of the washing machines. For instance, soaking technologies help in improving wash quality & drum sanitization improves product durability & ensures hygienic wash.

So, let us explain these technologies in detail.

  • BubbleSoak & SuperSoak
  • Drum Sanitization

The buyers know that proper soaking of clothes before the wash is very important to clean clothes thoroughly & remove stubborn dirt. Therefore, the washing machine brands have come up with innovative soaking technologies. With Samsung’s bubble soak technology, clothes are soaked in bubbles at the touch of a button. After that, the stains are loosened & removed effectively. Similarly, super soak technology activates the continuous soaking and scrubbing motion to remove tough stains. Super soak technology is found in Whirlpool washing machines.The drum sanitization technology is available with the majority of the latest washing machines. It is available as a Tub Clean feature. Tub Clean feature is to ensure the hygienic wash of your clothes. It removes lint and toxic residue to keep the drum sanitized. Therefore, it also increases the durability of the product. With the Tub Clean feature, the water heats at 85°C in LG washing machines. After that, the tub is cleaned along with the drum giving you a hygienic wash.

Hard Water Processing Technology

We know that buyers want to have soft, fresh-smelling laundry after the wash. But, the hard water in many regions of India makes it challenging. Hard water is the water that contains higher levels of minerals like calcium and magnesium. Therefore, it might cause damage to your laundry as well as the washing machine.

How Hard Water affects your washing machine or laundry?

  • Dingy whites or garments coming out with a grey or yellow shade.
  • Stiff and harsh feel in your fabrics.
  • White deposits building up around the taps, drain and plug holes.
  •  Your washing machine is working less effectively than usual because of a build-up of scale on or inside them.

Scale from hard water can clog plumbing or cause more wear & tear to the washing machine. Hence, it will lead to decreased durability of the product. 

Therefore, washing machine manufacturers have come up with innovative technology to tackle hard water problems in India. Whirlpool has come with a Hard Water option in the latest semi-automatic washing machine series. 

You can find the Hard Water option in the Ace series of Whirlpool. It will remove stubborn dirt even if the water is hard.

 Also, IFB has come up with the Aqua Energie feature. The Aqua filter breaks salt in the hard water into small crystals. Hence, it turns hard water into soft water. Soft water means your water supply only contains minimal amounts of these minerals and is unlikely to affect your laundry.

Therefore, this prevents the build-up of scale on & in the washing machine. As a result, clothes are fresh & the durability of the washing machine increases.

Auto-Detergent Dispenser

Many washing machine buyers don’t realize & underestimate the fact that it is important to use the right amount of detergent according to the load of clothes in the washing machine. Otherwise, detergent wastage will increase the cost per wash as well as decrease wash quality.

Moreover, if you use more detergent than required, it may increase detergent residue on clothes & in the washing machine. But, washing machine manufacturers understand its importance & therefore has come up with a new solution.

Washing machines with Auto-detergent dispenser technology automatically dispense detergent in the wash drum according to the amount of load in the drum. Therefore, buyers don’t have to worry about the problem of dispensing the right quantity of detergents.

This feature comes in a Bosch washing machine with the name iDOS Technology. This technology automatically estimates the load of dirty clothes and accordingly dispense the right quantity of detergent. 

Smart Technology

Luckily, we live in the era of Smartphones & tablets that have made our life more exciting & easy going. You can do a lot of important tasks just on your smartphones daily. Hence, washing machine manufacturers have realized the importance & have used this opportunity to innovate & introduce Smart technology in washing machines.

The latest smart technologies in washing machines have taken the laundry doing experience to the next level. Let’s discuss these smart technologies in detail.

Now you can operate your washing machine & do your laundry from anywhere. Smart washing machines can connect to a network via wi-fi, in the same way as tablets or phones do. After that, you can control the washing machine using an app on your tablet or smartphone, whether you’re in the house or away. Hence, this feature is really helpful if you have a busy schedule. It saves a lot of time.You can find the NFC technology in LG’s Smart washing machines. NFC helps in establishing radio communication between your smartphone & washing machine by touching them together. With the NFC technology, buyers can download new washing programs such as Wool, Baby Care, and Cold Wash. Also, it helps in using the Smart Diagnosis app of LG. The Smart Diagnosis app can help you quickly troubleshoot any minor issue before it becomes a bigger problem.

Best Washing Machines In India – Frequently Asked Questions

Which Brand Is Best In Washing Machine?

There are many brands available if we talk about washing machines in India such as LG, IFB, Samsung, Bosch, Haier, etc. We personally recommend LG.

Which Is The Best Washing Machine To Buy?

If you are looking for a front-loader washing machine then you should go with either LG, IFB or Samsung. And if you are looking for a top-loader option then we recommend Haier.

How Long Should A Washing Machine Last?

It totally depends on the use of the washing machine but it should last minimum 5 years without any issues.

Which Washing Machine Is Better LG Or Samsung?

If you are looking for best overall then LG is the best but if you are looking for best performance then Samsung is the best in our list.

Final thoughts

Washing machines play an integral part in not just India, but every home globally. It is thus, very important to invest in the right kind of washing machines. While washing machines in this list have been listed in no specific order of ratings, we know for sure that they are the best in the Indian markets as of 2020, if we consider the vast demographics of India.

We might say positively that the era of scrubbing the life out of your clothes may have come to an end, but the era of advanced technology, being served by the washing machines is here to stay!

So, what are you waiting for? Go get yourself one of the best of the best washing machines in India as of 2022!!
Happy Washing!!

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