TOP Best Front Loading Washing Machine in India (2022) – (Reviews & Guides)

Best Front Loading Washing Machine in India 2022 (Fully-Automatic)? Are you out on an unending quest to find the perfect washing machine? Do you find yourself walking in and out of electronic stores, or browsing through the internet for that one perfect cloth washing miracle?

Ever thought of dazzling your home a bit and giving it a fairly modern look by replacing your old semi-automatic machine with a sleek, front-loading one? If the answer to any of those questions is a big YES, then you’ve landed in the right place.

Washing Machines, with their rising popularity, have come a long way from being termed as a luxury, to being a staple household appliance over the past two decades.

Front Loaders, especially, have seen a significant rise in their sales, due to their better features and appealing looks. They also act as a Western element in Indian households, which is where they first became popular.

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Although the first impression of any front-loading washing machine for any buyer is that its too expensive, or rather significantly expensive than top loaders or semi-automatic counterparts, they have turned out to be a good investment in the long run due to their wide array of features.

Best front-loading Washing Machines in India

Here are our 6 personal favorite Front Loading washing machines of 2022 currently in the market. We have handpicked our selection, based on average consumer ratings, value for money and efficiency in functioning.

In no specific order, here are the best front-loading washing machines in India in 2022:

  • BPL 6.5 kg BFAFL65WX1
  • Mitashi 6 kg WMFA600K100 FL
  • Godrej 6 kg WF Eon 600 PAE
  • IFB 6 kg Diva Aqua SX
  • Godrej 7 kg WF Eon 700 PAE
  • Haier 6 kg HW60-10636NZP

Best 6 Top front-loading Washing Machines in India 2022

1). BPL 6.5 kg Fully-Automatic – Front Loading Washing Machine (BFAFL65WX1, White)

BPL 6.5 kg Fully-Automatic – This sturdy steel washing machine doesn’t only do its basic job of washing your dirty laundry, but also adds on to the over aesthetics of your home. With a capacity of 6.5kgs, it is an ideal appliance for families with kids and elderly people.


  • Fully-automatic front-loading washing machine
  • 1-year overall warranty along with 2 years warranty for the motor
  • 1200 rpm- With the high spinning speed, drying time is lowered
  • 8 wash programs
  • Contemporary Design; Digital LED Display
  • 180-degree door hinge
  • Copper Motor; Ergonomic Drum Design


  • At 58kgs, the machine isn’t easily movable, and would require strong hands
  • Long wait for installation can be expected due to high demands
  • After sales services aren’t up to the mark as per consumer reviews

2). Mitashi 6 kg Fully-Automatic Front Loading Washing Machine (WMFA600K100 FL, White)

This front-loading washing machine by Mitashi has got it all perfect when it comes to meeting the needs of the independent Indian youth. The 6kg capacity makes it an ideal choice for bachelors and couples alike.


  • Warranty: 2 years warranty on the machine
  • 1000 rpm: Higher the spin speed, faster the drying time
  • 8 different wash programs
  • Special Features: 15 minutes super quick wash, 96-degree heating wash, Universal motor, shockproof and noise proof design,
  • Child lock function, self-cleaning drum, spin speed (1000 rpm)
  • Stainless steel drum material
  • Tumble wash option
  • International leading hall sensor


  • Less than average installation services
  • A sturdy design has led to it being on the heavier side
  • Poor after sales services as per consumer reviews

3). Godrej 6 kg Fully-Automatic Front Loading Washing Machine (WF Eon 600 PAE, White)

This minimalistic yet state of the art front loading washing machine is ruling the markets in 2016. Godrej has always been a pioneer in home appliances, and the arrival of this sleek washing machine did not come as a surprise to us. At 6kgs, it is an ideal match for youngsters living alone, or for couples!


  • 2 years comprehensive warranty of the machine
  • Drying speed of 1000RPM ensures a speedy drying time.
  • Eco Balance System ensures energy efficiency
  • Foam Protection for extra security
  • Child Lock
  • Anti-Crease system
  • Over Flow protection system
  • Rapid 15- Quick 15-minute wash feature


  • As per consumer reviews, product quality can be better
  • After sales services are good, but with a waiting period

4). IFB 6 kg Fully-Automatic Front Loading Washing Machine (Diva Aqua SX, Silver)

IFB may still be making its mark in the market but that has not stopped it from making a bang on launch with its latest Front Loader, The Diva Aqua SX. This silver beauty would not only beautify your home, but also take care of all the laundry needs one would need. The 6kg capacity makes it a perfect choice for bachelors and young couples.


  • 4 years on warranty on the whole product along with a 4-year parallel warranty on the motor
  • Faster drying time, thanks to the spin rate of 800RPM
  • Crescent Moon Drum: Smooth crescent moon grooves on the drum surface create a gentle water cushion that prevents damage to fabrics
  • 2D Wash System: Wash and rinse cycle uses a shower system that ensures thorough soaking and a cleaner wash
  • Ball Valve Technology wherein the float ball valve lets the water out while keeping the detergent in, this technology prevents wastage and enhances the wash


  • Extra charges for a hot water filter at the time of installation
  • Not suitable for big products like blankets

5). Godrej 7 kg Fully-Automatic Front Loading Washing Machine (WF Eon 700 PAE, White)

It didn’t come up as a surprise to us that Godrej made it to our list twice, considering the home appliance giant that it is. This time around, the Big G is out with a perfect front-loading machine for slightly larger families. The massive 7kg capacity of the WF Eon 700 PAE is here to meet the needs of the entire family’s washing needs


  • A 2-year comprehensive warranty on the whole product
  • A pretty decent drying time with a speedy 700 RPM motor
  • Eco Balance System for energy efficiency
  • Foam Protection for all round quality washing
  • Super easy return policy in the unlikely event of the consumer not being satisfied with the product

Cons:Apart from the usual waiting time for installation and after sales services, we found no other major drawback in this beast of a washing machine.

6). Haier 6 kg Fully-Automatic Front Loading Washing Machine (HW60-10636NZP, White)

This futuristic-looking front-loading washing machine from Haier is simply, let’s just say, the ideal front loader for bachelors and couples. The sleek looks and minimal design will sure add to the aesthetics of your house, but more importantly, it’s the massive 6kg capacity which makes it an ideal choice for many independent young souls.


  • 2 years comprehensive warranty on the washing machine and a massive 10-year extended warranty on the motor
  • Muscular Drum: 128 muscles on the drum with drain holes on the muscle ensures better scrubbing of clothes with lesser abrasion. More care on clothes.
  • NZP (Near Zero Pressure) Technology to meet with the water problems faced in India
  • 1000 RPM spinning speed ensure a quick drying time
  • Anti-Bacterial technology helps in preventing the spread of bacteria onto the lid and on the user’s hands
  • Super easy to operate


  • The high RPM results in loud, unpleasant sounds when in use
  • After sales services unfavourable for many due to the high demand of Godrej products

Best Front-loading machines – Buying Guide

Top loading machines which once dominated the washing machine markets globally, have been a part of the lifestyles of the people since years. Specifically, in India, people were accustomed once to use only semi-automatic washing machines, which were top loaders. Thus, when the fully automatic machines showed up in India, people gradually moved on to them, and naturally, preferred top loading fully automatic machines.

In contrary to India, people were more comfortable using front-loading machines in the west, and thus as seen in the late 90s pop culture, they dominated the western markets first.

Front-loading machines, although heavier and more expensive, are more energy-efficient and use much less water. Even when it comes to drying of clothes, the front-loading washing machines have a one-up over top-loading washing machines.
Before you make your final decision, we have listed down the few advantages and disadvantages of front-loading washing machines, to help you come up with a solution to your laundry needs. We have also included an FAQ section, do solve the most common doubts.

Front-loading machines Advantages

  • Front-loading machines look very attractive thanks to their glass doors and chrome-plated bodies, to add on to the aesthetic value of your home.
  • These machines, as compared to top loaders, have a bit more capacity and thus can get your work done faster.
  • Their washtubs are impeller and agitators free. This makes up for an ample washing space while getting your laundry done.
  • The machines provide enough space on top of them to stack the driers. This, in turn, helps you save large amounts of space in your homes.
  • There is far lesser wastage of water and detergent when front loading washing machines are used, in contrast to the top loading machines.
  • These machines perform excellently and in no way do they harm the fabrics of your very dear clothes.

Front-loading machines Disadvantages

  • This machine is suitable mainly for the younger crowds since it requires one to bend their backs. Thus, once people grow older, it becomes a bit difficult for them.
  • Bases can be purchased at an extra cost to increase the height of the machine and avoid back pains. These bases, however, aren’t so friendly to the pockets.
  • Mildew formation is very rampant in front-loading washing machines. Thus, the washing tubs require a high degree of frequent maintenance, in order to avoid mold and mildew formations.
  • Apart from being heavier than top-loading washing machines, these are also undeniably larger. Thus, they aren’t easily movable and end up taking a good amount of space in your home.

Best Front-loading machines – Frequently Asked Questions

Are front loading washing machines worth buying?

Initially, they may seem to be more expensive than top-loading machines. However, they are much more energy-efficient and they also consume lesser amount of water.

Is it okay to use less water while cleaning?

Well, yes. Water quantity is automatically adjusted due to inbuilt sensors. This does not affect the washing procedure or quality in any way.

At what temperature should my water be for a perfect wash?

There are machines available in the market which are capable of doing a perfect wash job at even less than 30 degrees. They are all carefully programmed to provide us optimal clothes washing experience overall.

Is there a risk of clothes getting tangled in the procedure?

Mostly no, since the occurrence of such an event is highly unlikely. However, if at all it happens, it has a hassle-free solution. Tangled clothes aren’t a difficult case to untangle.

I have just moved to a new city and live alone. What capacity front loading washing machine should I opt for?

Consider a machine with a 6kg capacity, since anything more than that is designed for big families with high laundry needs.

We are a family of 4. A friend of mine has suggested that we go for the 6kg variant provided by Godrej. Is that a right choice?

A family of 4 would demand a high rate of frequent laundry needs. Considering this, we would recommend you to go for the 7kg variant provided by Godrej, since it clearly meets the needs of an ideal Indian nuclear family.

Over to you

Washing machine is no more luxury. Washing machine has become a necessity in India. Since it is cost effective, saves water and your washing bills.

Choosing the perfect machine to meet your laundry needs can be a big-time toughie. With this article, we hope to narrow down your wide array of preference to the best front loading washing machine in India in 2022, so as to make sure that our readers go for the best, and enjoy their clothes washing experience with no regrets whatsoever.

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