Xiaomi Mi 5 Full phone specifications – Review of Xiaomi Mi 5 with pros & cons

Xiaomi Mi 5 is a beautiful Android phone with lightweight body which is perfect for fast lifestyle. Mi 5 is the upgrade of Mi 4 and comes with lot of better features and powerful performance. This fantastic Xiaomi Mi 5 was launched first in Beijing in February 2016. Xiaomi confirmed the Mi 5 flagship Smartphone launch in India in March 2016. India is the first markets to sell the flagship outside China. Xiaomi Mi 5 is a high-end device that looks solid in every way. Xiaomi Mi 5 is released in two variants with “3D Glass” back and “Ceramic” back. Xiaomi Mi 5, 32GB or 64 GB with 3GB of RAM mobiles comes with 3D Glass back and the pro model Xiaomi Mi 5, 128GB with 4GB of RAM was designed with ceramic back.  This dual SIM Xiaomi Mi 5 Android based Smartphone glimpse luxurious in hand or pocket with its smooth texture. Let’s have a look at the price details of Xiaomi Mi 5 in India.

Price list of Xiaomi Mi 5 in India

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Below are the price details of Xiaomi Mi 5 in India. Collected the price details from top seller’s websites of India and listed down. Have an eye.

But at Amazon.in

  • Xiaomi Mi 5 (Gold, Black, White) 32GB – Rs 24,999

Buy at Flipkart

  • Xiaomi Mi 5 (Gold, Black, White) 32GB – Rs 22,999

Design of Xiaomi Mi 5 Smartphone

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Xiaomi Mi 5 Dual SIM android Smartphone is designed elegantly beyond imagination with premium 3D glass body that curved at the edges to blend smooth and continuous into a metal frame. Gorilla Glass 4 protects the Xiaomi Mi 5 by providing tough durability and strength. Xiaomi Mi 5 is the Smartphone that released with lightweight of 129grms that can easily fit into the hand. Though the Xiaomi Mi 5 Smartphone is designed with lightweight the phone comes with a strong lightness. Xiaomi Mi 5 display is bright and colorful with all detail. The IPS type screen offers ultra vivid colors. The fingerprint scanner beneath the home button is really efficient. You can find the headphone jack on the top of the phone. Next to the headphone jack you can find IR blaster. The back texture of the Xiaomi Mi 5 Smartphone feels like marble without weight. Xiaomi Mi 5 Smartphone is available in color variants like deep black, opulent gold and white. Choose the perfect color that suits to your taste. Xiaomi Mi 5 Smartphone is a pocket-friendly flagship mobile. 

Features and specifications of Xiaomi Mi 5 Smartphone

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Display features of Xiaomi Mi 5 – Ultra thin and ultra light

Xiaomi Mi 5 is designed with 5.15 inches display size with 1080*1920pixels resolution. Over 2 million pixels and six different screen technologies are integrated in this Xiaomi Mi 5 Smartphone. Mi 5 can reach a maximum of 600-nit brightness due to inbuilt 16 energy saving LED lights within the display. It maintains 95% NTSC color saturation. Xiaomi Mi 5 thin and ultra bright display comes with night display, reading mode, sunlight display and many more technologies. 1500:1 is the contrast ratio where the user can enjoy the brighter whites and deeper blacks greatly. Xiaomi Mi 5 is having a feature to adjust the brightness dynamically when you go under sunlight, so that you can read the mobile even under bright sunlight. As same with night display, the dimmer options and having an efficient control over screen brightness. These are the most comfortable settings of Xiaomi Mi 5 display for eyes. Adreno 530 is the GPU. Gorilla glass 4 protects the display of Xiaomi Mi 5 from damage.

Processor and memory features of Xiaomi Mi 5

The Xiaomi Mi 5 Smartphone is engineered for breakneck speed. Xiaomi Mi 5 is packed with a flagship QUALCOMM MSM8996 Snapdragon 820 processor that is having CPU Quad core (2*1.8 GHz Kryo & 2*1.36 GHz Kyro) – standard edition and Quad core (2*2.15 GHz Kryo & 2*1.6 GHz Kryo) prime & pro edition. Adreno 530 is the GPU. Due to this amazing process the Xiaomi Mi 5 Smartphone runs fast and noticeably better. The Snapdragon 820 include a faster image processor, advanced instruction set, more powerful audio module and other are the upgrades. Xiaomi Mi 5 Smartphone runs on Android v6.0 marshmallow operating system which comes with Xiaomis MIUI 7 interface. The magic of MiUi is loved by over 170 million users worldwide. Dress up your Xiaomi Mi 5 in five different UIs or personalized with thousands of themes. It is easy to migrate apps, files and data with single tap on Xiaomi Mi mobiles. The graphic processor Adreno 530 is designed 40% faster than previous gen GPUs of Adreno. It provides fun to game lovers and helps them to enjoy the realistic graphics, faster responses and smooth loading.

Memory of Xiaomi Mi 5

UFS 2.0 is best called for high end flash solution which improves the storage speed upto 87%. Everything happens and loads with flick of a finger. The latest LPDDR4 RAM boasts a clock speed of 1296MHz and having a dual channel for wider data bandwidth. LTE (VoLTE) voice over supports HD calls and high speed connections. There is no memory card slot in Xiaomi Mi 5 Smartphone everything is internal storage. The standard internal storage is 32 GB with 3GB RAM, prime edition memory storage of Xiaomi Mi 5 is 64 GB with 3GB RAM and finally pro edition is 128GB with 4GB RAM.

Camera features of Xiaomi Mi 5 dual SIM android Smartphone

Capture the perfect shot with Xiaomi Mi 5. Mi 5 camera is designed with technology breakthroughs from lens to sensor. Sapphire glass protects the lens of camera from knocks and scratches. Mi 5 is having a capability of creating stunning images with clear, sharper and pure colors. Reduce the blurry images with optimal image stabilization feature. All the latest smartphones are using 2-axis OIS but the Xiaomi Mi 5 Smartphone is equipped with 4-axis OIS technology. This technology produces the steady photos, videos, clear images across different modes like 4k video, macro and landscape. Xiaomi Mi 5 uses the sapphire glasses to protect the lens so don’t worry about the scratches on lens. Mi 5 can challenge the night shots without any noise. Photos looks sharp and stunning even at night. The Primary camera is having 16MP with features like dual LED, flash, 4-axis OIS and phase detection autofocus with high quality. The secondary front camera is 4MP for shooting perfect selfies. It delivers a picture resolution upto 2688*1512 so you can print upto 20 photos. Beautify your selfies by cutting down the editing time. Try beautify feature for making dazzling selfies. Video recording 3840*[email protected] 30 fps, 1920*1080 @30 fps and 1280*720p @ 120fps. Learn taking the videos slow-mo with Xiaomi Mi 5 Smartphone.

Battery of Xiaomi Mi 5 Smartphone

Xiaomi Mi 5 Smartphone is having non removable large 3000mAh battery with quick charge 3.0. Mi 5 integrates lot of features to deliver long lasting battery performance. The battery can stay in stand by for 8 days. With the feature of quick charge 3.0 you can speed up 50% faster charging. Juice up with 10 minutes and get 4 hours power for talk time. Lithium-ion Polymer is the type of battery Xiaomi Mi 5. Enjoy watching 7 movies in full charge.

Connectivity and sensor options of Xiaomi Mi 5 Smartphone

Xiaomi Mi 5 Smartphone is having connectivity and network options like 3G, 4G, wifi, hotspot, Bluetooth v4.2, GPS, NFC, Infrared port and Type-C 1.0 reversible connector. Sensors of Xiaomi Mi 5 are accelerometer, gyro, proximity, compass, barometer and fingerprint. Mi 5 leaps a slightest touch into action. While designing the Xiaomi Mi 5 Smartphone they used a ceramic to encase the fingerprint sensor for better sensitivity. 3.5mm is the jack. Stay connected with voice over LTE for HD calls and high speed calls.

Unboxing of Xiaomi Mi 5 Smartphone

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Unboxing of Xiaomi Mi 5 Smartphone you can find the basic accessories like

  • Xiaomi Mi 5 phone
  • USB plug
  • USB type C cable
  • SIM ejector pin
  • Instruction manuals

Xiaomi Mi 5 Smartphone is a simple high quality device that easily sits in the hand. Curved glass on the back adds a character to the Xiaomi Mi 5 design. On the front of the Xiaomi Mi 5 Smartphone you can see 4MP ultrapixel shooter cam, LED light and display screen which is followed with center fingerprint sensor. Coming to the back of Xiaomi Mi 5 Smartphone you can observe the glass back panel that is prone to smudges and fingerprints. 16MP camera on the back with dual LED flash and the Mi logo is on back of the device. On the top you can see the headset jack and IR blaster. Well as in bottom USB type C, loudspeaker and mic. Finally the Xiaomi Mi 5 Smartphone looks brilliant in compact size.

Pros and cons of Xiaomi Mi 5 Dual SIM ultra thin ultra fast Smartphone


Thanks to Xiaomi for the elegant design with curved glass rear end and perfect screen body ratio of Mi 5 Smartphone device. Every product is having own pros and cons. Here is the simple list of Xiaomi Mi 5 android Smartphone advantages and disadvantages for your quick glance.

Pros of Xiaomi Mi 5 Smartphone

  • Excellent cameras
  • Spend less time charging your Xiaomi Mi 5 phone with quick charge 3.0
  • Xiaomi integrated the fingerprint scanner within the home button.
  • High end Smartphone with 3GB & 4GB RAM runs on Android 6.0 OS.

Cons of Xiaomi Mi 5 Smartphone

  • USB type-C connector stands as a big disadvantage for Xiaomi Mi 5 Smartphone. The accessories of USB type C are still more expensive than standard microUSB port.
  • Lack of memory card slot: Xiaomi Mi 5 Smartphone comes with internal memory storage which can’t be expandable with any additional MicroSD cards.
  • No FM radio – Xiaomi Mi 5 Smartphone is not having Radio connectivity option.
  • Non removable battery – Can’t carry any additional battery because the Xiaomi Mi 5 Smartphone comes with non removable battery.
  • No other elements like waterproof or dust proof or Spo2 sensor in Xiaomi Mi 5 Smartphone.
  • Quality of sound while recording the videos is not good.
  • Observed the heating issues while playing Games more than 30mins on Xiaomi Mi 5.

Review of Xiaomi Mi 5 Smartphone


Xiaomi products are well known for budget smartphones but this Xiaomi Mi 5 shows the capability of building a premium device. But the Xiaomi Mi 5 is an excellent Smartphone that is built with high end quality. Good camera, excellent design and accurate performance are the features of Xiaomi Mi 5 Smartphone with amazing battery life. Xiaomi Mi 5 is having a limited internal memory storage that is the drawback for the users. A person who wants to store more photos, music and movies will face a problem with the internal memory because there is no chance of expanding the memory. Xiaomi Mi 5 doesn’t have a memory slot. Rich camera features and good battery life are the features packed in this Xiaomi Mi 5. Xiaomi Mi 5 is insanely fast with latest Snapdragon 820 processor. Enjoy this lightweight Smartphone in your pocket or hand. 129 grms is the net weight of Xiaomi Mi 5 Smartphone. Enjoy reading the Xiaomi Mi 5 even under bright sunlight or in dim night light by adjusting the brightness idea feature. The price Rs 22,490 seems reasonable for the fantastic Xiaomi Mi 5 quality phone. I won’t let you down if you really want to pick this Xiaomi Mi 5 Smartphone.   

Some reviews from Flipkart and Amazon Xiaomi Mi 5 buyers & users

Good reviews from Xiaomi Mi 5 Smartphone users

  • Xiaomi Mi 5 is really a good performer.
  • Wonderful piece with compact design.
  • Its fast and amazing surfing on Mi5.
  • Super phone with stylish look
  • Sure you would love the feel of glass back in your hand with lightweight.

Bad reviews from Xiaomi Mi 5 Smartphone users

  • The device getting hot while working with games or apps or while charging the Mi 5 mobile(FlipKart).
  • Charger quality is quite poor (FlipKart).