Upgrade Apple iOS 10 – Awesome features of Apple iOS 10

iOS 10 is the Apples latest update for iPhone, iPod and iPad touch devices which is the world’s advanced mobile operating system. Updating the iOS 10 in Apple devices is free and easy. iOS 10 is the biggest release yet that is more personal, more playful and more powerful. The array of features provides a complete new look to the Apple device users. iOS 10 is safe and secure to use. It uses on device intelligence to recognize the scenes in photos, power QuickType suggestions, people and objects. Sharing of sensitive data in applications like Siri and maps are encrypted.  Apple users will receive the upgrade notification automatically, if not it can be triggered manually from General settings -> Software update. iOS 10 comes with huge features that definitely gives your Apple devices a new look.  Apple iOS 10 beta version is released in July but it hits live on September 13.

Apple iOS 10 is compatible with devices


Apple iOS 10 is compatible with iPhone devices

  • iPhone 7
  • iPhone 7 plus
  • iPhone 6s
  • iPhone 6s plus
  • iPhone 6
  • iPhone 6 plus
  • iPhone SE
  • iPhone 5s
  • iPhone 5c
  • iPhone 5

Apple iOS 10 is compatible with iPad devices

  • iPad Pro 12.9-inch
  • iPad Pro 9.7 inch
  • iPad Air 2
  • iPad Air
  • iPad 4th generation
  • iPad mini 4
  • iPad mini 3
  • iPad mini 2

Apple iOS 10 is compatible with iPod

  • iPod touch 6th gen

We all know about the power of iOS devices. It is easy to swipe and scroll for the information you need. User can feel smooth navigation with responsive feature. Apple iOS uses a framework called metal to increase the graphic performance. It feels good to play the complex 3D games on iOS because it is truly natural. User can quickly install the elegant and essential Apps on the iOS device. Now upgrading this features the iOS 10 comes packed with sophisticated features like predictive typing, siri, personal assistant, proactive suggestions, maps, photos, quick type, multilingual typing, calendar, comprehensive privacy, advanced security, awake time in clock, change in message and many more.

Move with upgrading technologies by enjoying the handy features of iOS 10. Let’s go through some of the crazy features of iOS 10.

What are the updated features of imessages or messages on iOS 10?

Apple iOS 10 redecorated the messaging platform with brand new features. Sending text messages to convey the feelings is now upgraded on iOS 10. iOS 10 messages are added with features like Tapbacks, stickers and even apps that install in messages. It’s really a competing with other apps like facebook messenger, Google’s upcoming app and WhatsApp. Enjoy messaging with friends and family by upgrading the Apple device to iOS 10. Add slight visual effects, rapid replies and emoji for sending messages and enjoy texting on iOS.


iOS 10 Bubble & screen effects – Types of bubble & screen effects

iOS 10 messages is a brand new update. Convey the emotion in text is very normal so apple added a message effects in two different flavors like SCREEN effects and BUBBLE effects.

Bubble effect for iOS 10 messages

Bubble effects add an emotion and personality to your iMessage conversations. These are available in four types.

  • Slam – The message slams with a puff of dust rising off.
  • Loud – The message starts off huge shakes a bit and then shrinks back to the normal size text.
  • Gentle – The message starts small, turns still small then slowly grows to original size.
  • Invisible ink – The message is covered with pixilated overlay which is hidden, the recipient has to touch the message with finger across the message to read.

How to check or preview the bubble effect before sending the iMessage?

  • Select a bubble effect and click on the circular button next to each effect name to preview the bubble effect on iMessage before sending it. This bubble effect can be used on photo and text messages.

Beauty of Bubble effect on iMessages of iOS 10

When the recipient open the message the animation starts playing until the next message is sent by the same person.

The second effect is screen effects. This effect is given next to the bubble effect so it is easy to find. There are 5 different screen effects. These mainly comes with animation and sound.

Force –touch on the blue arrow after composing the message and you can find the screen effect next to bubble effect.

  • Balloons – A bunch of colorful balloons float on the top of the screen. Use this balloons screen effect for sending birthday wish or to show the party time.
  • Confetti – Congratulate your loved ones or friends with a blast of confetti falls and sound from the top of the screen with message.
  • Lasers – Disco lasers scan up and down with sound
  • Fireworks – The fireworks blasts on the screen in different colors. Send this screen effect to your friends.
  • Shooting star – A single shooting star streaks on the screen in nighttime sky lights.

How to use or get Bubble effect or screen effect on iOS 10 iMessage or messages?

Step 1: Open iMessages or messages on Apple device.

Step 2: Compose an iMessage or message

Step 3: Now give a force-touch on the blue up arrow.

Step 4: Enjoy the bubble effect & screen effect options on iOS 10 iMessages.

These two bubble and screen effects remain active until the new message is sent. Enjoy with these two effects by sending iMessages to your loved ones.

Sticker packs & Apps

  • iOS 10 displays the familiar and new apps in the iMessages directly. No need of going to app store you can check right in the iMessage app store built in the iMessage.
  • Drag & drop the sticker that you want to send for standalone message.
  • Did you look at four app icons in the bottom left corner? It is having options to rearrange the app icons or delete directly from that store like how you operate on any iOS device.

Power & attention of Emojis on iOS 10 imessages


Emojis are getting lot of priority in iMessages. Did you ever try the message translates into emoji feature? If not you can experience now this feature in iOS 10 imessages. Apple tripled the size of emoji. Just type or compose a message and click on the highlighted word, the device automatically analyze the matching emoji. Just a single tap on highlighted word it automatically turns into emoji.

Link preview and video play options in iOS 10 messages

Do you often share videos with your friends and family? Then here is the new update from ios 10 for imessages video sharing. The link shows the thumbnail previews and plays directly in the conversation. Recipient can mute/unmute to watch the video. It is easy to tap the video and watch in safari.

Try sending handwritten note messages to your loved ones or friends in iMessages or messages


Enjoy the hand written note messages by turning your iOS 10 OS Apple devices into landscape to enjoy this feature. Draw a message using blank canvas or you can keep typing away your next message from keyboard. Find the squiggly line button on keyboard to handwritten notes interface. Tap on it and enjoy the handwritten feature on iOS 10 imessages.

Tapbacks feature in iOS 10 messages


Do you use the very common expressions like haha or ok while sending messages? Then here are the six tapbacks given in the messages. Just double tap or long press on already sent message then the list of replies appear on the top. As for now you can see six different tapbacks like thumbs down, thumbs up, hahha, question mark and exclamation point.

Digital touch in Messages


iOS 10 is having feature to annotate photos and videos. Send a variety of effects by placing finger on the canvas. The effects like heartbeat and bubbles by simply tap on the screen with two fingers. Check out the other options like cheat sheet. Tap the two fingers to send kiss icon, drag down two fingers to create heart breaking and force press for fireball animations. Draw something on photos by choosing the colors in taps and sketches. Take instant pictures and sketch them according to your taste.

iOS 10 Maps – New features added in Maps and how to use them


iOS 10 adds a handful of features to Maps such as Google maps. After installing the iOS 10 to your apple devices, you can observe the cleaner interface in maps. Make your navigation brighter by using map on your Apple devices. Use the Carplay feature in iPhone while driving in the car. CarPlay is mostly available in only selected cars. It is smarter and safe way to use iPhone in the car. You can enjoy making calls, send & receive messages, directions and listening music while focusing on the road. Just connect the iPhone and start enjoying the handsfree iPhone features in car. CarPlay features siri voice control and inbuilt driving scenarios. It generally works with touchpad, touchscreen, buttons and knobs. Siri helps in all the way when new messages arrive or you need to send a new message. Apple states this Carplay feature as “Reading and writing is now listening and dictating” . Enjoy beautiful features while driving with carplay iphone feature.

Coming back to iOS 10 maps, finding the nearest place is easy with Apple Maps. iOS 10 Apple maps gives the ability to add pit stops in maps and reroute to the destinations.

How to Track the parked car in iOS 10


One of the beautiful features in iOS 10 is that you can track the parked car. Finding the parked car using the Apple maps is the best Smartphone feature ever. Just enable the “show parked location” in map settings to enjoy this feature. You need to pair with Bluetooth or CarPlay for using this feature. Parked location feature uses connectivity Bluetooth to point out the cars parking location. When you turn off the engine and walk away the Bluetooth pairing will break but the Maps app knows to place a pin automatically.

How to set up a parked car in maps on Apple iOS 10

*Require – Apples CarPlay or Bluetooth in car.

  • Open settings and choose Maps option. Make sure the “Show parked location” option is enabled and slider is turned on.
  • Go back to settings-> Bluetooth -> ON
  • Choose the car Bluetooth name under “My DEVICES”.
  • Pair the Apple device or iPhone with car Bluetooth (check your manual for connecting).

The Maps will mark your parked location automatically.

How to find the parked car using iPhone – iOS 10 Maps new feature

  • Checkout the blue dot representing on your mobile iOS 10 iPhone maps where the blue pin show an exact location of your car.
  • Tap on the blue pin for spotting your parking. Find the direction to your parked car from the point of your current location.

iOS 10 maps comes with helpful detours. This will help to find the nearest location of food, gas station and coffee shop. Enjoy using upgraded feature of iOS 10 Maps with better search results.

A new HOME APP icon on iOS 10 device


As soon as you install the new iOS 10 on Apple device you can see the new app running out with your old apps. The new App is nothing but a Home smart home. The iOS 10 is having new HOME image app which lets you turn on lights, raise your window shades and unlock doors. This built in app is a great way to control your smart home devices. It is having background wallpaper by showing favorite accessories and scenes. Choose the ADD symbol to add a new HomeKit accessory. On and off with a quick tap is available. Customization of these accessories is simple.

Apple iOS 10 Change in Music


Enjoy your favorite music on Apple devices. iOS 10 redesigned the music. Enjoy the music along with lyrics while listening to the song. The album page is same in iOS 10 too but the slight changes exists. 3D touch is available on iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s plus and long tapping on earlier devices for menus accessing. Previous Add to up next option is replaced with PLAY LATER option. The music store on apple device iOS 10 is having facility to listen the music when offline. Download option allows enjoying music even in offline. Side scrolling list of albums, recently played and other headings are nicely crafted. Searching on the music app is now friendlier because by scrolling down you can observe more trending searches.

Optimized storage option is available for Music app. Set a storage space for downloading the music. If you are having 16GB, then set the music downloading storage space to 4GB. Once the downloading cross the limit the old listened songs will be automatically deleted. Optimize this music feature on iOS 10 Settings app. Redesigned beats page, new for playlists, edit up next, view lyrics, shuffle turn on automatic downloads and many more are the newly updated features in iOS 10 Music app.

Raise to wake up feature in iOS 10 on iPhone


Apple iOS 10 is having 107 awesome features. Raise to wake is one of the exclusive lock screen feature in iOS 10. Just enable the feature and check out the beauty of it when you turned on your screen. No longer to press the home button to wake your device because the raise to wake feature automatically turns the device “on” when you pick the iPhone.  The iOS 10 raise to wake feature is best observed exclusively on iPhone 6S, 6s plus and iphone SE.

Where to find the raise to wake option in iOS 10 iPhone / iPad

  • Open settings app on your iPhone/iPad.
  • Tap the display & brightness option.
  • Turn on / off the switch given next to Raise to wake.

The turn on raise to wake and turn off raise to wake process is same. This raise to wake option is usually turned on by default after installing iOS 10. Raise to wake is a really interesting lockscreen feature for checking the notifications.

Lockscreen rich notifications on iOS 10 Apple device


Apple users who installed the iOS 10 on iPhone devices can enjoy the rich notifications features using 3D touch. 3D touch will help to open the notification and the user can respond directly from lockscreen. This makes the user to react immediately to the text message with this rich notification feature of iOS 10. Checkout more notifications received from the lockscreen by scrolling down on the screen and choose the message to reply quickly. This lockscreen rich notification feature is best observed in iPhone 6s, iPhone 6s plus & iphone 7 series of Apple devices.

Contextual feature on APPLE iOS 10


Did you try predictive keyboard feature in iOS 8? Like predictive keyboard feature in iOS 8 you can get contextual prediction in iOS 10. It offers the composer by suggestive words like calendar and contacts. So the typing is easier and quicker. Enjoy sending mails or messages by using this pop up contextual predictions.

A beautiful change in Photos app on iOS 10


Apple iOS 10 added smart features in photos app which are impressive to use. Checkout the Albums after installing the iOS 10 on your Apple device. Every album is arranged in a tile view with thumbnails. Did you observe two new albums like places and people? Every album is having photos and videos sorted and arranged by location or faces. Add the people faces to your favorite section on the top by drag & drop options. User can view the photos of particular person by tapping on the faces. iOS 10 search option is modified where the user can search by specific items in a photo. Photo App automatically creates memories in the form of a slideshow.

Multilingual typing feature in iOS 10 Apple devices


Multilingual typing is the most important iOS 10 feature that letting people use several languages with auto corrections. It is super easy to set up multiple languages simultaneously. Open settings-> General-> dictionary. Then select the languages to use the QuickType keyboard.

Go back to General->keyboards then tap add new keyboard. Choose the languages that you downloaded and start using right on keyboard. Switch between different keyboards and enjoy multilingual.