Samsung galaxy S6 review, features & information

Samsung Galaxy S6 is the best smartphone with better battery life and camera. The Samsung Galaxy S6 is in the range when in comparison with Samsung Galaxy S7. The phone has quicker performance and is having better storage expansion. Even Samsung is providing a dust or waterproof resistance for the latest mobiles. The Samsung Galaxy S6 is a great phone with any standard and design that is having best features. Samsung is a good handset with curvier S6 Edge cousin and is awarded as the trusted review smartphone of the year.

The Samsung is one of the best and successful Android smartphone vendor. The Korean giant has not at prepared as and when compared to Galaxy S5 flagship. Galaxy S5 has the best sensor with a glossy plastic body. But, it is not competitive when compared to other smartphone brands. The Chinese brand is that of having an impact with low end and mid-range sales. The devices with Lollipop updates which are going to be updated very slowly.

Samsung is an electrical industry, which is found in 1969. The Samsung electronics manufacturers from televisions to semiconductor and everything. The first Android smartphone was released in the year 2009. The smartphone runs with Tizen OS, which is an alternative version of Android based smartphone. Samsung is betting to get major reinvention with lots of heavy TouchWiz skin and dozens of settings, features, which are never used when compared to the new software updates.  Samsung galaxy S6 looks like an eclectic curved glass twin, the Galaxy S6 Edge. The mobile was launched in March, 2015 and released into the market in April, 2015. The device is available in four different colors, named as white pear, black sapphire, gold platinum and blue topaz. The display size is 5.10 inches with touchscreen display. The S6 has one year warranty service from the manufacturer.

Samsung Galaxy S6 Price in India

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The Samsung Galaxy S6 price is Rs 23999 as its starting range in India. The price of black sapphire 32GB, Samsung Galaxy in is Rs 39,000. The unboxed Galaxy S6 with 64GB in black sapphire color is in the price range of Rs 33,490 at Snapdeal. Even the mobile is purchased at Rs 33900 in Samsung, which is the top mobile selling company. The other gold platinum color of Galaxy S6 mobile with 32GB is available at Rs 39,999 in Flipkart.

Galaxy S6 design


Galaxy S5 is with glass and metal design with high quality and is in right price demands. The smooth and rounded corners with metal phone design is a bit slippery to hold. Coming to S6, it has a glass back that provides a good purchase and can be handled in a single hand. The S6 edge is a skirts around with issues that have thinner and angular frame. It has a curved screen that makes easier handling and is comfortable to grip. S6 has rounded edges with fatter appearance as and when compared with S6 edge. Galaxy S6 is about 0.2mm slim which can be measured in dimensions of 143.4 x 70.5 x 6.8 mm. The device weights at around 138 grams, whereas S6 edge is 132grams. The galaxy S6 edge feels a premium product with a minor quibble. It has both trump of HTC, which is one of M9 and LG G4 that measures 9.6 mm thick with 157gram weight while G4 measures 8.9mm with 155gram weight.

Display of Samsung S6


The Samsung Galaxy S6 is about 5.1 inch size with AMOLED display of 2560 x 1440 pixels resolution. It has a 577 pixel density with eye catching high resolution and battery life. The phone is having highest pixel density any handset, beating the LG G3 with high resolution and has a larger screen size of 5.5 inches. The Samsung’s AMOLED displays, color with accuracy and contrast through roof as a color calibrator returned an sRGB color gamut score of 100% and contrast ratio of Infinity. Samsung claims and reach as high as 600cd/m2. The HTC one M9, managed just 478.50 cd/m2 on its highest brightness setting. The AMOLED screen is dimmer with maximum brightness tests and screen technology. It is measured with 346.49 cd/m2, which is not identical to S6 edge.

Interface of Galaxy S6


The Samsung Galaxy S6 interface is TouchWiz, which is streamlined ever before with a little pre-installed apps. The widgets on the home screen is in cluttering effect. The mobile has two pages of pre-installed apps, which were turned it on first to have a welcome news and is of anyone that has been suffering with the mountains of Samsung bloatware. The Samsung has started rolling with Android 6.0, which is having current flagship smartphone. The interface is up-to-date that has some smart new icons, where mostly people use white in menus. Easily the people can switch the color palette easily with new themes. The device includes a Google’s clever Now on Tap, which scans the mobile. On the other hand the screen shows some useful information like scan an email. The device asks for permission to access your phone and even refuse your access to individuals while running apps.

The S6 screen is flat with extra features than that of S6 Edge, like People Edge, Information Stream or the Night Clock. To be honest that it is really the best feature when compared to the other phone’s, which is not missing out anything and saves extra money.

Battery life of Galaxy S6


The Samsung Galaxy S6 runs with 170 cd/m2. It is over a half brightness when the device is in auto’s turned off mode. The device is fully working day’s use out of S6. The S6 regardless of its 2550 mAh battery and is quiet with Galaxy S5. It is larger to the Galaxy S5’s with 2800 mAh battery. The device is on S6 Edge, which is 50mAH bigger. It is managed with a respectable 13h 37m for continuing video playback. It has a half hour battery life of S6 Edge that is managed for two hours, even it is still good when compared to the rest of the competition. The HTC one M9 lasts upto 9 hours and LG G4 lasts upto two minutes shy of 12 hours and iPhone 6 lasts upto 13 hours. Some people don’t like as it is a no longer removable battery, but has an added advantage of wireless charging for extra convenience. It supports over WPC1.1 and PMA1.0 standards with a charging mat. The most useful option is that it has a fast charging mode with 10 minutes on the mains that provides four hours back up.

Galaxy S6 performance

The device has better brand performance of 64 bit Samsung Exynos 7420 CPU. The device has snappy that helps to increase the performance over than that of the S5. The mobile is impressive with the apps that are loaded in heartbeat and is hardly to sign the lag or delay. The device has a 14nm processor, which is down in fabrication process that run cooler with less power than that of the S5, Qualcomm Snapdragon 801 chip. The device has one M9 and LG G4 with S6 edge and is the first smartphone chip in the fabrication process. It helps to maintain a comfortable lead over the rest competition all over the year. The processor uses ARM’s big LITTLE technology, as it is having four cores that are running at 2.1 GHz with high intensity tasks. The device is of four running that is slightly slower at 1.5 GHz and is of low powered jobs, which helps to save battery life when the phone doesn’t stop running at full speed.

The mobile has a chip of 64 bits Android 5.0 OS. Compared to other mobile the S5 is managed with a huge score of 1427 single core tests of Geekbench 3 and 4501 multicore tests. HTC one M9 has 945 and 3649, whereas LG G4 is slower hexa-core processor that is managed with 692 and 2547. The score of S6 and one M9 is 1257 which is roughly similar to the performance when we browsed the same websites on both phones. Page loading is instant with a scroll of Judder free. The LG G4 is quite smooth and is reflected as its slower score of 818, but has a top end handset.

Camera of Galaxy S6


Samsung has a same 16MP camera which is similar to S6 Edge and S5. It is time around, there’s a brighter f/1.9 aperture lens with 34% lighter than the f/2.2 lens on the S5. The optical image stabilization to reduce blur at low light shooting. The double clock at home button and fingerprint sensor are automatically fired up the camera that is less than 0.7ms. The camera is having an object with 3D shot that is rotated around later. The time lapse is along side of returning 240fps with slow motion mode. The very big highlight of Samsung Galaxy S6 is simple and brilliant. It can range of modes to the extraordinary photos and hobbyist photographer. The image is impressed with a score of 86 and is enough for its top charts. It has a great choice with ease and is amazing as compared with Nokia Lumia 1020 with 41MP sensor and three camera apps. The S6 is better that iPhone 6 and has a 16MP sensor. This is because of the impressive pixels that are in the back to its harder and results in decent shot in the dark. When the camera is in auto mode, the HDR option activates and improves the clarity of snaps without doing anything. The macro mode is good that can allow you to get close and take whatever you think to shoot.

Storage capacity of S6

The Samsung doesn’t have MicroSD card, instead of relying phone’s internal storage memory. Samsung is of all-encompassing chassis, which makes the phone is sturdier product. It is cheap flap to cover outside. The S6 is having 32GB, 64GB and 128GB of storage requirements. This is bear with S6 Edge that doesn’t have 32GB and has 64GB which is a base model.

Connectivity of Galaxy S6

The S6 device is about latest wireless technologies that includes LTE Cat6, 802.11ac Wi-Fi and Bluetooth 4.1. The smartphone is having all sensors of except that includes an accelerometer, barometer, gyroscope with a heart rate monitor. The S5 is incorporated with fingerprint reader and is about having home button. It has simple and easy to hold your thumb on the button that are rather than swipe across it. It is accurate and faster with phone security and doesn’t need any secure to phone with digits.

Top key features of Galaxy S6

  • The smartphone has a 5.1 inch display with 1440×2560 resolution and Super AMOLED screen.
  • The phone supports Android 5.0 L with TouchWiz
  • It has octa-core Exynos 7420 chipset
  • Galaxy S6 has wireless charging and IR blaster
  • The phone is of 3GB RAM with a non-removable battery of 2550 mAh
  • Best camera features include with the 5MP front camera and 16MP rear camera with dual LED flash
  • The device supports GPS and compass, but doesn’t have a memory slot.

Pros of Samsung Galaxy S6

  • It has an excellent camera for great pictures
  • Good quality look and feel of a smartphone
  • Wireless and fast charging feature
  • The device is made of superb screen
  • Best performance with attractive metal body.

Samsung Galaxy S6 cons

  • Issue with some apps
  • MicroSD slot is not available
  • The smartphone is not having long battery life.

The S6 has no doubting which is much better phone features and are built with better quality than the original S5. The phone has HTC one M9 and LG G4 that gives iPhone 6 which is something to look at. S6 is good that make you feel full in your hand with one of the more attracting features that are in demand as S6 Edge. It has identical features to that of S6 that is a bar and is of curved screen, that is more attractive which is having better battery life that performs better. The S6 has felt a bit lackluster when compared with other mobiles.