Best 4G smart phones below Rs.9000 with best camera

Phones that everyone can afford! With the leap in technology and modernization, nothing is impossible anymore. Want to send a picture of yours to your mother who is on another continent? Do video calling? Click pictures of everything that you find beautiful? Record lectures? Listen to the radio? Connect to the world via internet? Everything is possible if you have a small device that is a mobile phone. Phones are a mandatory device in today’s world. One cannot imagine life without the use. So, we will be talking about phones that are affordable and can be bought by everyone. Let us introduce you to 5 phones within the range of Rs. 9000.

Micromax Canvas Infinity

Micromax Canvas Infinity[Buy it online]

A phone that is launched by Micromax which adds another touchscreen phone to the pool of phones already existing in the market. If you want to buy a phone and want it to be within Rs. 9000 then you must at once buy Micromax Canvas Infinity. The online shopping apps are giving great discounts on this phone along with the exchange of old phone offer and EMI options which makes it even more affordable.

The display of the phone

This phone comes with a better resolution and a bigger screen. The experience of owning a smartphone will be fulfilled once you own this magnificent piece of technology and art.  A display that is 18:9. Watch your movies and videos on a screen that is 5.7”.  Your photos have never looked better before for this phone has a resolution of 1440*720.

The camera of the phone

Let your phone cluck every moment in your life.  Capture your beautiful smile and dazzling beauty with the front camera of this phone that has a 16MP camera along with a flash to click pictures even in the dark. Your photos will now get the touch of professional with its inbuilt modes to modify it.

It has a back camera that has an aperture of 2.0 along with a camera that is 13MP.  It will be able to take pictures that are beautiful and both captivating. It doesn’t matter whether it is broad daylight or night time because you’ll be able to capture a picture despite the lighting.

The processor and battery of the phone

It has a quad-core processor of 1.4GHz and uses 308 GPU Adreno processor. It has an operating system that is 7.1.2 Android and can be upgraded to Android 8. It comes with a battery that can last an entire day without being put in charge. It has a battery that is lithium-ion and is of 2900 mAh.

Some other features of Micromax Canvas Infinity

  • You can lock and unlock your phone with the touch of a finger. Yes, operating on sensors of your fingerprint this phone deals with the hassles of locking and unlocking your phone.
  • As this phone uses a processor that is Qualcomm Snapdragon and is of 1.4GHz, it allows unlimited streaming and browsing on your phone without any worry.
  • It can support multi-window.
  • It has a RAM of 3GB and has an internal storage capacity of 32GB which can be expanded as much as 128GB.
  • It has two slots for both your sim cards along with a slot for your memory card.

The cons of the phone

Although it is a great looking phone with a curved glass of 2.5D it lacks a few things.

  • The back camera of the phone isn’t as good as you want it to be. It is only average with a 13MP camera.
  • The resolution of the phone’s display is average. At this day and age, you will want a better display.
  • The way the phone is built isn’t too strong.

Moto G5

Moto G5[Buy it online]

A person who is a bit concerned about his budget and wishes to have a great phone with amazing specifications then that person must opt for Moto G5. Soon after the launch of Moto G5 plus this product was launched to ensure everyone has a great phone in hand. Let us talk about the specifications of this phone.

The look of the phone

The design is undoubtedly the best in case of G series phone. The Moto G5 is no exception to that feature. The phone is built using a 6000 bead-based and aluminum case that is designed towards perfection. You can choose from fine gold color or lunar grey. It has a port on top for your headphones and has a port at the bottom for connecting your USB. It has sound and power buttons on the side of the phone.

The display of the phone

It has an LCD screen that is 5”. The resolution of the phone is 108*1920. You can enjoy the movies, videos, pictures and other media at a high resolution at any point of the day or night. The details and color of your media will be visible to you in 441 PPI which is another great feature. It has a glass that is resistant to scratches.

The processor of the phone

It has a 430 octa-core Qualcomm Snapdragon processor.  It will function all day long without any worries. It has 3GB RAM along with an internal memory of 16GB which can be expanded to 128GB.

The camera of the phone

This phone has a back camera of 13MP. It has other features like Phase Detection Autofocus, the speed of the shutter can be adjusted, the balance of white in your pictures can be adjusted, focuses faster, ISO and many other features to die for.

It has a 5 MP camera for selfies which can now have a wider focus and click the picture of your entire group of friends. Look the way you want by switching to the beauty mode. This will help to hide all of your blemishes and acne marks. Look like you never have before.

Some other features of the Moto G5

  1. Twist your wrist with your phone in your hand twice to switch on your camera even when it is locked and turn the camera by doing the same hand movement again.
  2. The camera of this phone is a person who asks you to delete the shots in which the picture is blurred or the eyes of a person is closed. It also recommends keeping the best picture in case there are similar ones.
  3. It has the features like that of a professional camera.
  4. The scary moment when you forgot your password and get locked out of your own phone is nothing but nerve-wracking. The solution to this? Unlock it with your fingerprint. Easy and fast while keeping your phone safe from other people.
  5. It repels water. So, you don’t have to worry about a little water that accidentally falls on the screen of your phone.
  6. The Moto G5 has a few great ways to start a flashlight or shrink down a screen or start a camera without even unlocking your phone.
  7. It combines the best features of all the phones. It comes with a removable battery along with all the advanced specifications.

Why should you think before buying this phone?

  1. The battery of this phone won’t last an entire day without being charged.
  2.  It doesn’t have a slot for USB.
  3. The internal storage is only 16 GB.
  4. The phone isn’t sleek like you want.
  5.  The panel at the back is built with plastic.
  6. The earphones that come with this phone isn’t like you want it to be.

Coolpad Note 3 Lite

Coolpad Note 3 Lite[Buy it online]

At a very affordable rate, this product is available to everyone that comes with mind-blowing specifications. Let us talk at length why you must opt this phone.

The display of the phone

It has a screen that is of 5” and comes with a resolution that is 720*1280 pixels. It has a frame that is stainless steel which enhances the reliability of the handset in terms of structure. It also provides the screen of the phone with support. It gives a total vision of 178° and provides a better and wider range of vision.

The battery of the phone

It comes with a battery that can’t be removed and has a power of 2500mAh. It optimized the utilization of both GPU and central processing unit, which reduces the task of charging the phone every now and then.

The processor of the phone

It has an A53 quad-core processor that is from the MT6735 Cortex ™.  This processor enables improved performance while consuming less power. It has a commercial design processor that is Mali T720. It has 3GB of RAM along with a 16GB internal storage capacity which can expand up to 32GB. It uses 5.1 version of Android Lollipop.

The camera of the phone

It has a primary camera that is 13 MP which can click great pictures with sharp qualities and at a high definition. It has a quick focus that is automatic along with no lag in the shutter. The phone jas inbuilt modes to choose from and make a picture even more attractive. It also has ISO, an aperture that can be adjusted accordingly, and settings to adjust the color and brightness.

You can click a selfie with the 5MP front camera by using your fingerprint.

Some other specifications of the Coolpad Note 3 Lite

  1. Lock your phone and keep it away from the hands of others by locking it with your fingerprint. It has the ability to identify your print in case it is wet.
  2. With a touch, you can now connect to your near and dear ones, you will be able to record your calls and take pictures like a pro. All of this can happen with a fingerprint of yours.
  3. It gives you a great experience in case you are a gamer with better storage and visual display.

The cons of this phone

  • The ability to upgrade the Android version remains uncertain.
  • The performance of the camera lags when there is less light.
  • The brightness of the screen isn’t as good as it should have been.


Nokia3[Buy it online]

Nokia makes its comeback by launching a smartphone that is easy on the budget and comes with some great specifications. It is an android phone. Let us go through its features.

The look of the phone

It has a back that is polycarbonate. It is sculpted and designed in a beautiful way. It has a frame that has an aluminum solid-feeling. The details of the phone have a beautiful finesse and sleek design. The design, material and technology used to make this phone are for everyday use without any obstruction. It has curved glass that is 2.5D and comes with a protection for the glass. It has curved edges that make the phone easier to hold. It has charging and USB port at the bottom with a port for earphones. The thickness of the phone is 8.45mm.

The display of the phone

It has a screen that has HD resolution. It will play your videos, movies and display your pictures at 294ppi. The brightness and display of the phone are comparatively better than the other phones of this range. The screen to body ratio of the phone is 70% and the display is protected by Gorilla glass.

The camera of the phone

The primary and secondary camera of the phone has both 8MP. It has a flash that is LED and comes with an aperture that can focus up to f/2. Great pictures can be clicked when the lighting is viable. All those selfie obsessed people can click great pictures with the 8MP front camera.

The processor of the phone

It has an MT6737 quad-core processor that is 1.3 GHz. The phone doesn’t lag and gives the user optimum use. It has 2GB of RAM along with internal storage that is 16GB and can go up to 128GB. It comes with a battery that can’t be detached and has a power of 2630 mAh.

Some other features of the Nokia 3

  1. It has notification light in LED.
  2. The Gorilla glass protects the screen and keeps it safe even if it accidentally falls
  3. It supports on-the-go cables.
  4. It comes with the latest android and can be further upgraded to newer versions in the futures.

Why must you think before buying this phone?

  • The processor of the phone isn’t top notch. It is below average.
  • The battery can’t be detached.
  • The display isn’t like you would want on your smartphone.
  • The phone doesn’t have sensors to lock and unlock with the touch of a finger.
  • The primary camera of the phone is only 8MP and can’t take pictures in low light.
  • The sound quality isn’t that good either.

The above-mentioned phones are all within the reach of your hand and come at affordable rates. Read this article very carefully and make a wise decision in choosing a phone that fits all your requirement. You have way too many choices today and that has both a positive and negative side. Rather than feeling intimidated about choosing a phone make a wise and right decision.