Best 4G smart phones below Rs.8000 with best camera

When we are blessed to be born in an era where technology is capable of doing everything, then why mustn’t you utilize that to the fullest. The act of buying a smartphone for yourself can be too tricky for way too many reasons. The number of options that is available in front of you to choose from can be intimidating so we will be helping you to pick a phone that is within your budget. We will tell you all about the features of the phone along with their negative sides that you should be keeping in mind before buying a phone.

Coolpad Note 5

Coolpad Note 5[Buy it online]

A phone that is capable of beating its rival companies with its specifications. A phone that has the best features in comparison to many at this price range in the market. Let us get started.

The display of the phone

This phone has a 5.5” screen that only displays pictures, video, movies and other media in high definition. It has a resolution that is 1920*180 pixels and gives a 178° view to the user. Your movies and games have never looked better in a smaller screen.

The look of the phone

This phone is designed in a way that it looks attractive to the eyes and feels good to hold. Carved out of aluminum alloy it has a finish that is matte and comes with a back that is bead-blasted. Incorporating good design and protective case this phone gets all the points in terms of look.

The camera of the phone

The phone has a front camera that is 8MP. Now, you can click selfies with clarity and sharpness with the LED flash. Include your friends and click a groupie, for none of them are going to be removed from the frame. This phone has a primary camera that is of 13MP it has a lens of 5P.  You can focus with the wide aperture to click any picture at high definition. The clarity and sharpness of the photos will be breathtaking. So, to bring out the photographer in you choose this phone.

The processor of the phone

The phone works on a MSM8952 Qualcomm Snapdragon 617. It has an octa-core processor. This phone has an Android, which is 6.0 Marshmallow. Apart from that this phone has a RAM of 4GB. It can store all your videos, movies, pictures, contact and other information easily with its 32GB internal storage capacity. This can expand up to 64GB with the use of an SD card.

The battery of the phone

This phone has a battery that has the capacity to be on standby for as long as 200 hours.  Can you believe that? Its battery is of 4010 mAh and is designed in a way to optimize the consumption of GPU and CPU. Play for as long as you like or watch movies without the hassle of charging your phone every now and then.

Some other features of the phone

  1. You can now lock and unlock your phone with the touch of your finger within the blink of an eye. You can even record calls, dial numbers and take pictures with the touch of a finger.
  2. The audio quality of the phone will give you the feel of home-theatre. It’s speakers are a work of art.
  3. It will support both your sim cards in 4G and give you the power to browse through the internet all day long.

Time to see the negative sides of the phone

  • The processor of the phone gets heated up when overused.
  • The camera of the phone doesn’t work well in low light.

Dami D6

Dami D6[Buy it online]

The specification of the phone

  • It has an octa-core processor of 1.5 GHz.
  • It has 3GB RAM along with internal storage that is 32GB which can be further expanded by the use ofa micro SD card.
  • It has a water-resistant body that can endure splashes or water.
  • It comes with a high definition 1920*1080 pixels resolution. The phone is of 5” in length and embraces a curved glass of 2.5D.
  • It has a front camera with LED flash to click all your selfies. It also has a primary camera of 16MP and can take all your pictures in high resolution with its flash option and other inbuilt features.
  • It has a non-detachable battery with a capacity of 2050 mAh, which will charge with a lightning speed.
  • It locks and unlocks with your fingerprint.

The cons of the phone

  1. It has a processor that isn’t what you will want in today’s upcoming and new technology.
  2. The camera can’t function in low light.
  3. Although the battery charges fast it gets heated really fast when overused.

Water 7 4G LTE

Water 7 4G LTE[Buy it online]

About the specifications

  • It has 615 Qualcomm Snapdragon processor with 1.5GHz octa-core.
  • It uses 5.1 lollipop in Android version.
  • It has a RAM of 2GB along with an internal capacity of 16GB which can be further expanded to 128GB with the use of a micro SD card.
  • The battery of the phone has a capacity of 3000 mAh which can keep you connected to the world all day long without charging.
  • It has an 88° view for capturing pictures and comes with a a primary camera of 13MP and a front camera of 5MP.

The cons of the phone

  1. It doesn’t have fingerprint sensor to lock and unlock your device.
  2. The angle of the camera isn’t great and doesn’t cover a wide view.
  3. It can’t be upgraded to a new version of Android.
  4. The processor of the phone has a reputation of getting overheated.

The above-mentioned phones all come within your range. They all have a few unique specifications along with a few flaws and drawbacks. Keep all these things in mind before you buy yourself a new smartphone.  Rather than choosing a phone that just fits your budget, choose a phone that is an all-rounder.