Best 4G smart phones below Rs.12000 with best camera, battery & RAM

In this article, we will be talking about phones that everyone can afford without compromising on the quality and features of it. It goes without saying how badly every one of us needs a phone. How the world will start to collapse if we can’t connect to another person via a handset. With the passage of time, the sleek and slender size of a phone has become more popular. A phone that can be used without pressing any buttons. A screen that is HD and serves various purposes. We will talk about phones that are available within the range of Rs. 12,000. So, let’s get started. Phones with great features that everyone can afford.


MI MAX 2[Buy it online]

If you haven’t heard about this great product, it’s high time you do. Make sure you check out this product on the Amazon app and avail their amazing discounts and offers. They even provide you with Cash on delivery, EMI and exchange offer. Irresistible, right?

Know all about this product

The display of the phone: The normal size of today’s touch screen is only about  5.5” whereas this product has a screen that is 37% larger than the normal screen providing you with a better and bigger view. Imagine your favourite movies and videos on this phone. With a screen that will be able to fit more into it making the concept of bigger is better true. You’ll even be able to work on this phone be in excel or word, without having to zoom into the screen. Imagine how amazing it would be to play your favourite games on a larger screen. A screen that has a resolution of 1920*1080 pixels, where each pixel measures 342ppi.

The battery of the phone: The next attraction of this phone is its battery life. It is nothing but annoying and stressful to carry a phone that loses its battery every now and then. This phone will not need you to plug it every day to the charging point for its battery has the capacity to retain battery like a power bank. Use your phone like you do without any worry as this phone has 5300mAh capacity.

The look of the phone: You don’t want a phone that is bulky and hard to use. Keeping these points in mind, the MI Max 2 has a metal body that merges with the LCD screen of the phone. Hold it and use it with style and comfort. The edges and corners of this phone have a design that is symmetrical and round giving it a better and more elegant look. It will feel great to hold this phone in your hand.

The camera of the phone The phone that we use today needs a great camera to capture the everyday moments of life. Carrying around DSLR isn’t possible but how about having a phone that clicks a picture with almost similar clarity and focuses. It will be great, right? Buy MI Max 2 that has the sensors of Sony IMX386. In lay man’s word, it has 12 MP back camera that has the pixel size of 1.25 and can record your videos in high definition. Click a dazzling selfie of yours with the 5MP front camera of this phone.

The processor of the phone: A phone will be of no use if its processor isn’t good enough. This phone has an octa-core Snapdragon with a 625 processor chip that is developed using the modern processors. It has a RAM that is 4GB and an internal memory that is as much as 64GB which can expand to 128GB. The storage capacity of this phone is beyond brilliant and can store all of your data i.e. contacts, photos, videos, apps, documents and so on.

The technologies used: You will no longer go through the headache of unlocking your phone by pressing your password or lock code.  You’ll not have to draw patterns on your phone to keep it away from people who might touch your phone. Your phone will only identify your thumbprint and unlock only when you touch. How great is technology? The ease of using this phone is beyond any question. It will be supporting two sim cards. When you watch videos or if you wish to listen to your music which has the effect of stereo then this phone is the one. Coming with double speakers it enhances the quality of sound giving it the effect of stereo.

Use your phone without any worry for it comes with a warranty from the manufacturer of the phone that is as long as a year. Your battery and everything inside the box in which the phone came has a  warranty of six months.

Honor 6X

Honor 6X[Buy it online]

Another great phone that we are about to present in front of you is the Honor 6X. A company that is responsible for producing phones that have left a mark on the world of smartphones. This phone is better than its predecessor with better and improved features. It also has Cash on Delivery, EMI and exchange offer available.

The attractive features of this product are as below

The camera of the phone: What is better than one 12MP camera? Two cameras with 12MP+ 2MP. Can you imagine the power your phone will have when a photo is clicked on it? The photographer in you that had always wished for a phone with a better camera can leap out of you and capture every single day of life in high definition. You will not need any app to edit your photos for this phone comes with inbuilt filters to edit your photos. Whether you want the focus of the photo that is nearby or far depends on you. With an aperture that is as wide as F/0.95-F/16, you’ll have a great picture any day. You can even have a selfie that will be more powerful and clear in colour. With its Sony IMX386 sensors and a 7MP front camera, your life will turn out to be like the perfect picture that you end up capturing from this phone.

The look of the phone: It’s designed that is made for comfort and efficiency is the plus point of this phone. It’s sleek and magnificent body that is curved around the edges is to die for. its metal body and glass screen merge into one another giving it a finesse. It’s contemporary and modern design is pleasant to the eye and comfortable for the hands.

The display of the phone: Another feature of this phone is its amazing display. A screen that is as big as 13.97cm. The problem people face to view their phone under the light of the Sun is taken care of in this phone. The brightness of the phone automatically enhances making the display more clear and easy to view. The display of the phone doesn’t hurt the eye and never causes any strain or fatigue to the person who uses it for long durations at a stretch.

The processor of the phone: It has an octa-core processor with a combination of T830MP2 GPU. With an internal capacity of 64GB and a RAM of 4GB, this phone is ideal to store all your important documents, videos, photos and contacts.  It has a memory that can be extended to 128GB.

The special features of the phone: You have the ability to unlock this phone with the touch of your fingerprint. A phone is a very personal thing and one never likes to share it with anyone else. This is the best way to keep your phone personal and keep your information discreet.

With a swipe to the right/left you can open your gallery and view your pictures. Press your screen for a bit longer and the alarm will go off.

The battery of the phone: The way modern day phones lose their battery is really irritating. This phone will let you use it for a straight two and a half days without putting it on charge. Even when you put it on charge it has the ability to charge at a turbo speed with 5V/2A charging technology. Your phone will now be in your hands longer than ever without needing any charge every now and then.

Once your phone has full charge you will be able to spend as long as 23hours on it talking to someone.

Other features of the phone: The phone comes with two slots for the use of dual sim cards. They give you a USB cable and a charger. This phone comes with a warranty for 15 months from the manufacturer and its accessories have a warranty of 6 months.

LG spirit H442

LG spirit H442[Buy it online]

Launched in the year 2015 this is another great phone with an attractive price that one can easily afford. It comes with an operating system that is Lollipop, Again, another product that a consumer can buy with its Cash on delivery, EMI and exchange of old phone option.

A bit about this phone

The display of the phone: The LG spirit H442 is a handy phone that comes with a 4.7” screen. Its full touchscreen has a resolution that comes with  720*1280 pixels, where each pixel measures to 312 PPI.

The processor of the phone: It comes with a processor that is quad-core. It comes with a RAM of 1 GB. With an internal memory of 8GB which can expand to 32GB in case a person uses a memory card.

The camera of the phone: With a back camera that has 8MP it is a basic camera that comes with a flash. You can even click selfies with its front camera that is one megapixel.

The battery of the phone: It comes with a removable battery that has a capacity of  2100mAh.

Some other features of the phone

This phone gives the user the chance to use two sim cards of 4G or 3G connectivity. It has a slot for microSD card and is light in weight. Listen to music, click selfies, send emails, browse the net or turn on the radio with this phone.

The above-mentioned phones are not only great in every feature but are pocket-friendly too. When the market is brimming with handsets that are not only expensive and but are very hard to choose from this article is going to be the perfect guide for you. Order your phone online and patiently wait for it to arrive all the while anticipating about the great features and sleek look of your new phone.