Best 4G smart phones below Rs.11000 with best camera, battery & RAM

The growing need of having a device that can do almost everything with a few swipes and fits within the palm of our hand is beyond any human’s power to ignore. Choosing a phone that has all the right features and fits within your budget is a daunting task for those of you who aren’t that techie. So, we will be your guide and hold your finger helping you choose a crucial device that you need within Rs. 11,000. So, without further delay let’s get started. Let us be your phone guide and help you select a phone that is within the range of your budget.

Redmi 4

Redmi 4[Buy it online]

A product that was launched a few years back and very quickly gained acclamation for its features. A wide range of Xiaomi phones are available in the market with distinct and stand out features, here we will be talking about Redmi 4. You can avail this product at discounted rates online with Cash on delivery, EMI and the option where you can exchange your new phone.

The never-ending battery

A phone that can stay on standby for as long as eighteen days and endure two days of continuous use is a phone that you’ll want for yourself. Even though it has batteries that work as a power bank the phone isn’t bulky. The great work of the engineers along with the designers of Xiaomi has done a fabulous job. A battery that has a capacity of 4100 mAh is what you’ll need in today’s era where your phone is constantly being used. It will never put you in stressful situations where your battery is about to die every now and then.

A stand apart processor

The improved processor of this phone that uses an octa-core processor of 435 which is 1.4GHz Qualcomm snapdragon. It has an internal memory capacity of 64GB that can be extended to 128 GB. It has a RAM of 4GB. Without having to plug in your phone watch your movies and play games on it uninterrupted. It has the ability to store all your documents, movies, apps, music, videos, photos and contacts still leaving behind enough space on your phone memory.

The look of the phone

Designed with elegance, this phone’s sleek look with its curved edges fits easily into the palm of your hands. The metal body of the phone blends into the glass of the phone that is 2.5D. It is 5” or 12.7 cm in size and comes with high definition resolution. Your movies, videos and games have never looked better on a smaller screen. Made of aluminium that has been anodized, it is a beautiful looking-sleek phone. The phone will feel no less than a diamond in your hands with its amazing sparkle.

The feel of a photographer

Let that photographer in you leap out. A phone that helps its user click images like a professional with a great aperture. It has a camera of 13MP which will help you take images during the night clearly and in a beautiful way. Make your pictures look like they never have before by using their varied filters and profiles. Look more charming than before with the touch of an artist.

Features of the phone that can’t be ignored

  1. This phone unlocks with the touch of a fingerprint, making it secure and easier to unlock. No more hassle of going through unlocking your phone by tapping digits or alphabets. Access your phone easily with the touch of your finger.
  2. How great would it be if you could control it all with the phone in your hand? Amazing technology has been used where this phone has an IR blaster in it which turns the phone into a remote. Control your TV, Air-Conditioner, set-top box, DVD players and other devices which makes your life easier and better.
  3. Get ready for the thrill of having double accounts, where you can have two apps with the same features. Facebook, Whats app and other such apps are included.
  4. Once you have this phone in your hands you shall not face the fear of being disconnected with the world. With its ability to connect you to high-speed internet and provides you with clear voice calls without any interruptions.

A few reasons as to why this phone fails to get all the brownie points

  • The first reason being you have to pick between your second sim card and memory card for this phone. Having one slot for two items it makes it a hard choice and ends up on compromising the internal storage of the phone.
  • The second you wish to record the videos you’ll find it’s not in high definition which is another loophole of this phone.
  • It doesn’t have the processor that has been launched recently.
  • Even though the phone is great to look at, it’s weight of 150gms makes it bulky and heavy.

Vivo Y55s

Vivo Y55s[Buy it online]

Another phone that is a perfect balance between great design and amazing features. If you are in search of a phone then you must opt for Vivo Y55s. It is available in nearby stores and you can also avail it online where you’ll get great discounts and offers. Read all about the features of this phone.

The performance of the phone

This phone is made with a processor that is Qualcomm 64. Includes 3GB RAM and has 16GB of internal capacity. The internal capacity of this phone can stretch up to 256 GB. The operating system of this phone is none other than the Android v6.0 Marshmallow.

The look of the phone

With a glass screen that is 2.5D and a display of 13.2cm this phone is a joy to behold. The glass screen intermingles beautifully with the metal body of the phone.

The camera of the phone

With a 13MP camera, this phone lets you click pictures with high definition and has inbuilt modes in it which help to give every photo a different look and feel. The phone is built in a way that it can take selfies even in the dark. It will make your face look brighter and clearer even in the dark with its front flash and 5MP camera. Every moment in your life will be photogenic and worth capturing.

Some unique features of the phone

  1. This phone doesn’t make you choose between your sim card and memory card. Comes with triple slot and fits both your sim cards and micro SD card.
  2. Your screen can now split into two which will help you do more than one task at a time. Talk to your friends about different apps as you enjoy your movies or video without having to pause every now and then.
  3.  This phone cares about your eyes and switches into a mode that will soothe your eyes and keep it away from harm.

Some points to remember before you opt this phone

  • The battery life of the phone is not as much as needed and can’t be used at a stretch for more than a few hours without charge.
  • It doesn’t unlock with the fingerprint of the user. The user will need to tap passwords every time he/she wishes to unlock their phone.
  • The front camera is only 5MP, which is much less than other phones.
  • The battery of the phone can’t be detached in case of any problem arising from it.

Vivo Y55L

Vivo Y55L[Buy it online]

Another great product from the house of Vivo. We will be talking about the specifications of this phone and inform you every bit about it. This phone is easily available online on different shopping apps. EMI, cash on delivery and offers on the exchange of old phone is also available.

Why should you buy it?

  1. The operating system of this phone is recent and uses Android OS that is Marshmallow v6. 0.
  2. The phone is 13.2 cm in size and has a resolution of 1280*720 pixels.
  3. The back camera of the phone comes with a flash and 8 MP camera. It has a front camera with the 5MP camera. It allows you to take pictures in high definition as well. The phone has inbuilt modes to edit your photos.
  4. The battery of the phone has a capacity of 2650 mAh.
  5. The phone has a RAM of 2GB and the internal capacity of the phone is 16GB and it can expand to 128GB
  6. It supports both your sim cards and memory card.

Where does the phone lag behind?

  • There aren’t way too many reasons as to where the phone doesn’t meet all the requirements but the camera of the phone both front and back are not as good as expected and required.
  • The battery of the phone can’t be removed making it another disadvantage.
  • The phone doesn’t recognize fingerprint of the user. The hassle of unlocking your phone with passwords has to be faced every time you want to use your phone.

OUKITEL K4000 Plus 4G Smartphone

OUKITEL K4000 Plus 4G Smartphone[Buy it online]

Keeping your budget in mind OUKITEL K4000 plus is a great phone. We will be discussing as to why you need to grab this phone and what are the points to keep in mind before you buy this phone. Let’s start.

  1. It comes with a battery life that can keep you connected to the world for a long time without putting it on charge.  It has a battery that is 4100 mAh power.
  2. It is a 5-inch screen phone with a high definition screen that has a resolution of 1280*720 pixels. The fear of breaking your phone can be avoided here with this phone. The hardness of the phone is worthy of praise.
  3. It has a processor that is Quad core with a system of 1.3GHz. It has 2GB of RAM and an internal storage capacity of 16GB which can be extended up to 32GB.
  4. The phone comes with a primary camera that is of 8MP and has a LED flash. It also has a front camera with a 2MP camera.
  5. It has the space for two sim cards and a memory card too where you will not have to make a choice between your second sim card and memory card.

What should you think of buying it?

  • The weight of this phone is as much as 214gms making the phone very heavy and bulky. This phone isn’t sleek and slim and stands nowhere in comparison to the sleek and grand look of the recent day phones.
  • It doesn’t support the technology of fingerprint sensor. You have to unlock the phone every time you wish to use your phone making it difficult to use.
  • The phone takes quite a lot of time to charge and it doesn’t charge fast.
  • The camera of the phone isn’t as good as you want it to be.

The above-discussed phones come under the range of Rs. 11,000 and have features that are quite outstanding and unique making them both desirable and affordable. We hope this article was of use to you and now you too can buy a phone without fearing the daunting and overwhelming task of choosing a phone from a pool of so many others.